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NEW Zodiac Signs Weekly Astrology Horoscopes November 22 to 28, 2021

This week we have the Sun fresh in Sagittarius. Mercury will also enter Sagittarius this week on the 24th.

The Sun and Mercury both connect and reach out to the Destiny Point in Gemini.

What’s happening worldwide comes into focus. We can expect a lot of people to wake up to see the world from a much broader perspective. Social interactions will teach us a lot of truth this week. Our thoughts and decisions create our future so choose wisely.

It’s wise to think about how the details of now are leading to the bigger picture and longer term reality we are manifesting.

Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: What other people are moving away from and what they are moving toward can inspire you to think of new ideas for yourself. It’s a good time to expand your horizons and have conversations about bigger possibilities for life. Your peers and those you feel a social affinity with, especially those with experience and wisdom from their experiences can give you a new perspective of yourself, giving you a shift of identity that motivates you to set goals worth working toward. Smart ideas are likely to keep showing up for you this week giving you a broader worldview.

Taurus: Your opinions about what you really want and what’s worth aiming for can change this week. What other people think and believe can also influence your own opinion, give you some light bulb ideas, whether it is through conversations or by perspectives you come across at random. Key words and phrases could stand out and give you more to think about than usual. Paying attention to what other people are going for and how they do it can inspire you to have a new vision. It’s a wise time to set goals that are aligned with your more philosophical and spiritual identity.

Gemini: Your relationships can light up new awareness about yourself this week. A more open mind and a willingness to listen to what someone else thinks and believes can change your perception of yourself and give you a different sense of purpose in life. It’s a wise time to read and learn beyond your usual frame of mind to expand your views. How you relate to people is a most important part of your learning journey this week. Holding back opinions that are negative or narrow minded could be especially helpful in your social life. Constructive criticism can sometimes be useful, but you don’t always have to say what’s on your mind especially if it might bother others.


Cancer: Taking care of yourself so you feel comfortable and comforted as the week begins will be best for you. Expanding your perspective on health and wellness is suggested now. Looking into alternative, holistic approaches that could be foreign to you perhaps like ayurveda or yoga, and also learning more about metaphysical approaches can give you a bigger perspective on reality and possibilities that could work well for you. If you’re looking for work or clients, broadening your reach and aligning with those that you feel a purposeful affinity with is suggested. Any goals you set this week should be in tune with what really inspires and motivates you to do and be your best.

Leo: What peers and friends talk about this week could inspire you with new ideas on how to enjoy life. A change of perspective on hobbies and how to be entertained is likely to be on your mind. Foreign films could give you a different worldview and give you ideas you hadn’t considered. Other cultures and historical references can also inspire you to change your fashion sense and feel more creative. Wednesday to Friday could also have you feeling like having some personal time to take care of yourself and likely have you wanting to enjoy some comfort foods. Limitations in relationships can help you realize more about yourself and set new goals.

Virgo: Having positive conversations with people that are close to you, like family and those that seem like family to you is suggested this week. Having an open mind and talking about bigger ideas and aims you have can give you a lot of great ideas. Spending time pondering, reading and writing and having conversations can expand your perspectives and help you figure out goals that matter to you. Making your home life more positive and inspired can help you find balance in career matters. Thinking more about setting goals for your future can give you a better sense of yourself. The weekend is a good time for you to relax and take care of yourself.


Libra: This weekend is a great time to expand your view of the world and traveling could be a big subject to consider now as you think more about your future. Where would you want to go? It’s a great time to learn through conversations, reading and writing. People that have traveled or are from foreign lands can especially inspire you to see life from a different point of view. Setting goals that include others can develop your identity and give you a more stable sense of yourself. Your relationships will teach you a lot this week.

Scorpio: Expanding your knowledge of money is suggested this week. Studying history can teach you a lot and allow you to put yourself in a better position relative to financial circumstances like inflation. Learning a variety of skills, even taking courses, or simply having conversations on subjects of interest could be helpful with an eye on the future. Documentaries on the banking industry and changes in the world economy can give you valuable awareness. Responsible choices for your body and health are also suggested. Resisting peer pressure can solidify your own identity.

Sagittarius: The Sun is in your sign now and Mercury enters your sign on Wednesday. Your Birthday month has begun. An upgrade is self awareness is key for you this week. You could learn a lot about yourself and will likely be thinking about your identity more than usual. Your relationships will also teach you a lot, especially when considering who is a part of your vision for your future. Seeing yourself in a new light you are likely to let negative parts of yourself go so you can become more positive. You could have eureka moments and possibly feel enlightened by new information that crosses your mind. Your social life can be influential in determining your new goals for your future and the karma you want to create going forward. Healing relationships might be difficult but the process can teach you a lot.


Capricorn: It’s time for you to think about the totality of life in more enlightening terms with a much broader, philosophical perspective on reality. Thinking more about the future in terms of your health is suggested now and you could learn a lot through social interactions. If you’re working conversations with co-workers could also give you insightful ideas worth considering that could inspire you to update your goals. Working toward financial stability to feel more secure in your home-life is suggested, and friends with experience could teach you a lot. Talking brings valuable awareness this week.

Aquarius: Friends can have a lot of impact on you now. They can inspire you to think about the bigger picture of the world and wake you up. You don’t have to believe all they do, but you will be able to pick up on the wisdom and utilize that to your advantage. Listening to a variety of points of view and opinions can give you a new and different perspective on reality. But where there may be peer pressure, it’s better for you to be strong in your own assertions and speak truth to what matters to you. Listen and learn what’s good, but also stand true to yourself.

Pisces: Big decisions about career and home life should be contemplated thoroughly now so you are sure they are in line with your real aims in life. You should be very sure that you are comfortable with your decisions now, and might want to talk more about them with people you trust, or read more about what others in similar situations are doing and what types of options are available. Being compassionate and caring to people in your social life, and having a humanitarian approach is good for your karma this week. Treat people with dignity and you will manifest more respect for yourself that can give you a sense of security with those around you.