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NEW Daily Astrology November 23, 2021 – The Sun and Destiny

The Sun just entered Sagittarius on November 21, 2021. Now, we have the Sun directly across from the Destiny Point in Gemini at 2:02 pm ET.

Today you could learn important information that is worth thinking more about, especially how it relates to the larger, longer term picture of your life. How does it fit in to your larger aims?

Listen, explore, read, write, study, observe and you will inevitably learn and realize something wise and worthwhile. Let your mind soar.

Thoughts, words and beliefs that lead to your decisions now can have a significant influence on the future.

Biases could become highly obvious now. Focus on the truth.

If you’re a spiritually minded or religious person this is a good time to contemplate and pray, or write a letter to God. Meditation or prayer while sitting in the light of the Sun is a great way to connect with higher consciousness.

This can also be a good day (and week) to start writing in a diary, a journal or blog to express yourself, explore your thoughts, speak your mind and contemplate the meaning of life.

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