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Mercury and Destiny The NEW Daily Astrology November 25, 2021

Mercury has just entered Sagittarius on the 24th following the Sun entering Sagittarius on the 21st.

Today Mercury connects with the Destiny Point in Gemini reminding us that the most important thing we can do during this period is to communicate with one another about what’s happening in the world so we can understand the truth of reality and therefore become wiser and smarter to choose a better future for humanity.

This is a great time to ask a lot of questions.

Knowing how important our awareness is to choosing our future, with Saturn in Aquarius indicating authority figures putting restrictions on communications and our social lives, is there any surprise why division is such a strong intention of those in positions of authority to discourage and control the freedom of communications and exchange of information?

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, in Aquarius now, reminds us that to create a good future, we need to have an open mind, to learn and to communicate with our friends, peers and social groups.

Mercury in Sagittarius connecting with the Destiny Point reminds us to think and learn more about history so we can choose better for our future. What happened in history that we can learn from so we can make better choices as we navigate and decisions what we want to make of our future?

History repeats itself. As our minds are often distracted by so many points of view, a lot of people aren’t familiar with the details and truth of what happened in the past, and so instead of making different choices to avoid the problems history has shown us can manifest, humanity tends to repeat the same mistakes.

We can change the future, but we have to make different choices about where we are heading and what we are manifesting and not be naive by letting people in power make all the big choices for our future for us. We need to make the choices.

History has taught us that big problems in the world are caused by a network of greedy, plutocratic elitists (Pluto in Capricorn – aka tyrannical dictators) that manifests in overwhelming control measures (Saturn in Aquarius) to manifest the future according to their vision which is always in their own favor, not that of the people. We know that the use of fear and deception is a major part of all historical battles and Jupiter and Saturn both in Aquarius reminds us that beliefs about the world propagated by the corporate owned media by controlling what people think (censorship / intentionally pushing narratives and omitting others) manifests into the collective consciousness and thus manifests into the reality people believe in.

Saturn in Aquarius now reminds us that the most powerful choice people can often make, especially when it comes to being controlled, manipulated and abused by people, is to refuse and say No.

Mercury in Sagittarius across from the Destiny Point in Gemini reminds us that we need to learn to move away from repeating history and choose a different future.

With the Sun in Sagittarius as well now, it is prime time for us to wake up to reality of the world, to shine light on history so we can create a more positive future.

Communication is the key to awareness.

We can expect big news and concepts to spread like wildfire now, worldwide that influences the collective mindset. We could also hear a new big marketing plan that gets a lot of talk worldwide with the intention of impacting the future.