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Saturn and Chiron New Daily Astrology November 26, 2021

Saturn in Aquarius connects with Chiron in Aries today.

Today reminds us to be conscious of how what authority figures think, say and want manifests into the collective consciousness and influences us each individually.

Plans and goals by those in powerful positions that have a lot of influence in society can strongly impact our future, but we also have power to choose our future and set our own goals. If what is being projected to manifest is not in line with truth, who we are, or what we really know, think and believe, Saturn reminds us that resisting pressure and saying No helps us to be true to our individual self.

Experiences of peer pressure also gives us an opportunity to make authoritative decisions for ourselves.

Whether you are connecting with people of like-mind or are doing your own thing now, focusing on healing yourself by being true to your identity is suggested.