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Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius NEW Daily Astrology November 28, 2021

Mercury in Sagittarius and The Sun in Sagittarius meet today in conjunction at 7 degrees 10 minutes of Sagittarius at precisely 11:39 pm ET.

Both Mercury and The Sun connected with the Destiny Point in Gemini recently.

With the Sun and Mercury communicating now it indicates the power of the mind. The importance of having greater awareness of what the real truth is in the world now is essential.

What we think and believe directs the experience of humanity in the world.

Our past and our future are linked, and what we think and choose now can have great influence on our perception of the reality we have created and are creating.

In Sagittarius we are reminded to look at history to understand the bigger picture. We are also reminded of how the mind is influenced by the collective perceptions projected by journalism, marketing, peer pressure and the media with Jupiter in Aquarius now. Messages we hear now by authority could be intentionally crafted to have global influence on the collective mindset, possibly with a cult-hive-mind approach, especially with Saturn in Aquarius now as well.

It is wise to use your brain to a fuller capacity than to simply accept the surface of what is presented.

Spending time in thought and contemplation, learning and philosophizing about the world is recommended now. Spirituality, religion, prayer and meditation are all indicated as avenues that open the mind greatly to see the world from a much larger point of view now.

Enlightening eureka moments of big ideas are indicated. It’s a great time to write and have conversations that explore and expand your mind.

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