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Mars and Neptune, Mercury and Chiron NEW Daily Astrology November 29, 2021

Today we have Mars in Scorpio connecting with Neptune in Pisces indicating a great time for discovery. Anything mysterious, cryptic and unknown can perk up interest, and actions can reveal a lot of the internal, hidden workings behind the scenes.

Today it is wise to be a keen observer of behavior. Attitudes, actions and reactions will reveal a lot of hidden truth.

Those with addictions could find a more spiritual, compassionate approach can help dissolve the behaviors used to mask internal pain.

We also have Mercury in Sagittarius connecting with Chiron in Aries. This also indicates a time to listen and learn. People’s personalities and how they behave can reveal a lot about what they need to heal inside.

News and media talk about what we believe about people and the world is notable now. Gossip can spread fast and quickly shape perceptions about people’s personalities.

We might hear of some changes in leadership and social positions today as well.

Messaging in the media about health could be turned up a notch, but with Neptune in the picture it is wise to be conscious of deceptions as well.

Also see Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius yesterday.