This week we have another eclipse, this time it’s a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4, 2021 at 2:32 am ET.

This New Moon Eclipse comes after we just had the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus two weeks ago on November 19, 2021.

It’s worth noting the events happening between eclipses as a highlight of significant changes we are experiencing in the world.

It is especially what beliefs form our worldviews this week that are most important.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is now in Aquarius and this extends the trend of importance of worldwide information spread through corporate media and journalism this week, between these eclipses. It signifies big beliefs, and in Aquarius social conditioning, peer pressure and social groups associated with collective beliefs are emphasized so it’s wise to be extra aware of worldwide media marketing of big ideas, group-mind brainwashing, and cult-like mentality spanning the globe at this time.

Last week, we had Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius connecting with the Destiny Point in Gemini and Saturn and Chiron connecting, just in time for a new major marketing campaign that reaches around the world and influences our future. What convenient timing. How much more profitable will the new upgrade be for the big, global powers?

The information spreading around the world by authority figures (Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) affecting our individual lives is laid on thick for a larger agenda of course.

We also have Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius both connecting with Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries this week expanding on how information is directed and controlled worldwide influencing the lives of individuals.

We could hear more news about leadership decisions and changes with media and social networks develop this week as we head into the future collectively.

We could also hear more about travel restrictions and limitations this week.

A lot more people will become wiser and wake up to the truth of what’s really going on between these eclipses.

Neptune shifting directions in Pisces on December 1st, indicates a major shift of awareness about illusions, delusions and deceptions that form our beliefs of reality. At times people may feel confused and wonder if they are living in the Twilight Zone.

With Jupiter as co-ruler of Pisces, it’s wise to consider this week how the perception of reality we think and believe is true can be so largely based on illusions and projections of ideas. We are reminded how the media operates as the conductor of the illusions that influences the ideology of millions of minds worldwide, performed on stage (television) like a magician with distractions and attention placed to what they want you to see and not see to form what is believed.

The most powerful force in the world of humanity is the mind and beliefs as they direct choices and actions that manifest into the reality we experience.

Observing the rules, approach and methods applied by those in positions of power can be highly revealing this week as they often don’t make a lot of sense. So much hypocrisy and so many contradictions can reveal a lot about real intentions and deceptions. This can wake a lot of people up now.

Creative goals and desires are highlighted this week, so it’s a good time to dream and imagine. We could also see instances and examples that encourage us to become more compassionate toward all life and see the world through a more spiritual lens.

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Aries: Your intuition is likely to be heightened this week and you may be dreaming more than usual. Your ability to decipher and decode hidden and cryptic messages could have you making profound discoveries about reality with shifting perceptions of the meaning of life that motivates you to create important changes. What’s happening in the larger picture of the world can give you a different perspective of yourself and inspires you to find more purpose to our life. The New Moon eclipse sets you on a path of renewal in your beliefs. Your interest in learning from history to better inform your future will likely grow.

Taurus: Your aims and goals are set to become much more creative and your imagination could flourish with great change. This would be a great time to learn more about the arts and artists that explore philosophical concepts, surrealism, fantasy, myth and symbolism. Your dreams are likely to be more vivid and revealing of a deeper purpose. Amethyst by your bedside can increase your dream state. Spending more time daydreaming and visualizing is recommended. The New Moon eclipse could give you a bigger picture of the world that creates internal shifts of awareness reaching deep to the depths of your subconscious mind and changes you.

Gemini: Mercury is close to the Sun bringing greater awareness and thought to your relationships. Words are powerful and you can heal or harm with them. Considering how your thoughts and words toward and about those in your social life can impact others and yourself will have you make conscious shifts toward intending healing your relationships. What you believe about goals and career matters will have a significant change this week. It’s a good time to dream up and imagine different possibilities. The New Moon eclipse at the end of the week can highlight making changes in yourself so you can have new experiences in your relationships.


Cancer: The New Moon solar eclipse is a special highlight developing toward this week. This brings special attention to your health and wellness where you are likely to want to make significant changes to improve your well being. This would be a great time to use your intuition to help guide you toward what feels right. Exploring the wisdom of other cultures and alternative health and lifestyles is suggested. Metaphysical perspectives on life where visualization, imagination, fantasy and creativity tap you into a deeper part of yourself is indicated for you now. Studying and learning about philosophy can be enlightening.

Leo: It would be wise for you to find ways to enjoy yourself this week and bring out parts of your personality that makes yourself and others laugh. Putting yourself in a happy frame of mind can be really good for dealing with all kinds of situations. Of course there are serious moments, but you can really improve your relationships by bringing in the lighter, brighter perspective with humor and wit to help dissolve rough edges. Wherever there may seem to be obstacles in your relationships, pushing yourself to see the brighter side and expanding your view toward a better longer term perspective can help you to create aims and opportunities for positive growth that is mutual. Sometimes obstacles help you see outside the box. Your dreams could reveal some deeper, creative, inspired parts of yourself this week. The New Moon Solar Eclipse can give you a whole new perspective to start fresh hobbies and creative projects that make you feel happy. Go for it.

Virgo: Conversations with those close, with family and home life can touch on matters of identity, how you see yourself and how others see you. Be true to yourself, and also be proud of the unique qualities you like about yourself and the people you care about – those personality traits that you recognize as rooted in your family lineage, ancestry and picked up and assimilated in yourself from the personalities of the people around you. This is also a wise time to take responsibility for your health and well being by being more conscious of nutrition and having routines that reduce your stress levels. Peer pressure can also be avoided by spending more time doing your own thing. A more compassionate and caring approach can create shifts in your relationships now. The New Moon eclipse could give you a new perspective on self care and caring about the people close to you.


Libra: This week indicates love, care, health and wellness are priorities for you. Your perspective on lifestyle is likely to take on a more spiritual perspective where the metaphysical meets with the physical. Having that imaginative, creative perspective with the ability to visualize healing energy on the quantum level can really change how you see the world. You could also find physical gemstones and the concepts of the metaphysical associated with them, as well as herbs, trees, essential oils and the like sparks somethings magical in your relationship between the material world and a higher realm of consciousness. The New Moon eclipse can inspire a new, larger worldview that changes what you think and believe. Conversations, research, learning and pondering can lead to fascinating perspectives of reality leading to a new you.

Scorpio: New creative energy and inspiration this week can motivate you to explore a more fantastical experience of reality. Hobbies and activities that explore the expanses of your imagination are indicated. You may also be interested in exploring martial arts, not just for the physical abilities but for their energetic concepts that tap into the realm of beliefs in quantum energy. You concept of yourself is likely to take on a more philosophical perspective this week, so tap into the magic and see where it takes you and how it changes you. The New Moon eclipse gives you an opportunity to create a shift in your aims and goals so that you feel more secure and stable while also feeling energized and motivated to achieve. Money matters could be in focus and it could be time for a change in how you make money. A new source of income or way of handling money is worth considering.

Sagittarius: The Sun and Mercury are in your sign now and you’ll have a New Moon with a solar eclipse in your sign by the weekend. Personal, internal shifts are assured, especially with what you think and believe about yourself and your place in the world. Having smart conversations in your social world that infuse a combination of humor and wit with responsible talk can be valuable for yourself and your relationships this week. Having a more meaningful and spiritual relationship at home, with family and those close will be increasingly important to you. Seeing your life through a karmic lens and making more compassionate choices can give you comfort.


Capricorn: Love and compassion as priority in your thoughts and words can create great changes in your heart and spirit now. The way you interact with others from a more peaceful perspective will help develop greater love for yourself. Philosophical conversations and speaking from the heart with those around you can really give you a higher consciousness perspective of reality that you feel on a soul level and give you a greater sense of purpose. The New Moon solar eclipse also highlights your more spiritual perspective of reality. You are changing and could feel like you are vibrating at a higher level of awareness with much wisdom taking you on a new journey.

Aquarius: You could learn a lot from other people this week. Those in your social sphere of life could really get you thinking. You might put up some roadblocks and be resistant to some thoughts and ideas presented that you don’t agree with, but other concepts and ideas could open you up to learning a new perspective or reaffirming something you know to be true. In any case, conversations will teach you a lot about yourself and others. If you have a lot of knowledge in an area, you could be the teacher that gives a realistic grounding to other people’s worldviews. Where others prompt you to have a more open mind, your initial resistance could be a good sounding board to bounce ideas back and forth looking at different angles and possibilities, pros and cons. Wherever you have a firm stance, peer pressure is likely to not be able to shake your resolve. The New Moon eclipse can be a turning point that changes your point of view and could lead to changes in your social life and the types of groups and people you associate with for a new beginning.

Pisces: Your perception of yourself is going through some profound changes this week that motivates you to alter your karma for the better. You may also find putting an amethyst under your pillow or by your bedside gives you vivid, adventurous dreams. Lavender can also help you drift off into dream land. With Neptune stationing Direct in your sign on the 1st this week can feel like you’re going through some emotional changes and you may be able to have a greater sense of a spiritual experience of life. The New Moon eclipse could feel like a turning point and have you changing your goals, giving you motivation to explore new ideas worth aiming toward.