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Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Chiron and Venus, Neptune NEW Daily Astrology November 30, 2021

Today we have a lot of activity in the sky.

Mercury and The Sun in Sagittarius both connect with Saturn in Aquarius. The Sun also connects with Chiron in Aries now.

Right away we can tell that this week is presenting us with awareness via big information reveals about people in authority, especially those in powerful positions related to politics, corporate business, social networks and news media. The identity and reputation of notable people is in focus and what we know and believe is in the spotlight. Control measures, rules and restrictions that have influence over the collective and spans worldwide is worth talking about to get to the truth of what’s really going on.

To become more aware of what’s really going on in the world now, study history.

We could also hear more about restrictions with the airline industry and travel this week and we could see news about leadership and rules associated with the education system, schools and universities.

This can be a good day to be true to yourself and setting aims and goals that are aligned with what you truly believe about yourself. A more positive view of yourself will help you feel more empowered. When setting goals, thinking outside the box, and being honest about your limitations can help you create a balance of your best options while also being realistic.

It is also wise to not give in to peer pressure that you know goes against your best judgment. It’s time to be true to yourself and live more in alignment with truth of light and bright to put away the doom and gloom being projected into the collective.

Writing, talking, learning and exploring perspectives is a positive use of time today that can give you some great ideas and insights. Exploring philosophical concepts can take you beyond the limited framework impressed upon the collective. The mind is powerful and can change the world if only people would use it to it’s fuller capacity to break free from the system of mind-control represented by Saturn in Aquarius.

We also have Venus in Capricorn connecting with Neptune in Pisces today which is great for realizing the magic of love and compassion as a gateway to a more spiritually conscious life. This is also great for creativity. All things beautiful and heartwarming now can really make an impression. If you’re an artist, whether you draw, paint, sculpt, dance, sing or any other outlet for your creativity, this is a great time to explore and appreciate beauty and imagination. You just might discover a magic ingredient today.

Amethyst by your bedside or a lavender sachet under your pillow may give you vivid dreams.

Changing perceptions of money as a representation of energy in the world could also be highlighted today.

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