Here we have the Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, 2 of Wands.

The Page of Wands represents a bringer of news, new ideas, new inspirations, new learning and new understanding. The page is a student looking with fresh eyes and new beginnings.

Learning of new information, possibly information about the past that you didn’t know before, can change your worldview and your goals.

If you are facing a proposition that you don’t like try not to overreact. Your reaction to new information can significantly  change the course of events. If you charge forward too quickly you may end up heading in the wrong direction.

The Page represents a young energy and can be quite hopeful but can also be naive and unsure of the full details. The Page is usually a messenger for another, rather than the originator of the message, and so therefore can be seen as having a narrow view and may simply be sending out a message according to what another wants to be heard.

The Knight of Swords is considered quite a stormy character, even fanatical, and goes full steam ahead towards his goal and in pursuit of looking for information or spreading information. You can see that the horses eye is looking back as if wondering why the heck this Knight is making him charge ahead with such full on determination. The Knight is a warrior and can get quite charged.

The truth is, each of us only knows so much. Nobody knows everything and information we are exposed to is always changing. Most of us only know the surface of things, gathering a little bit of info here and a little bit of info there that contributes to our overall worldview. So, of course we do have to be mindful of what or who the source of information is and their intention.

The Knight of Swords charging toward the Page of Wands signifies that there can be an eagerness for knowing more, but also that there could be a conflict of ideas, perhaps a disagreement. What really is the truth?

The Knight wants to know who the source of information is, and that it better be reliable and credible because rationality is highly important to the Knight. The Knight of Swords is not to be swayed by emotions, and wants to know and make sense of the information to determine what the real Truth is.

Of course, what each of us know is totally dependent on the information we are exposed to, as well as our biases towards what we will or will not want to think about or accept as reality. Whether it is a news headline, opinions of others, or information we learn of in passing, we should all know better than to simply believe something just because something has been said. There needs to be more force in our assessment to get to the bottom of things.

In the last card, we see a man holding a globe in the Two of Wands representing different influences on worldviews and choices.

There is a lot of active energy here. Wands and Swords are active, energized principles, eager for growth and change. We could see a push for new information, more information to gain clarity.

These cards together represent decision making, and the requirement that decisions will change based on new information that comes in. The new information can lead to a change in direction, even a backtracking to ensure that the correct decisions are made.

In any case, especially in terms of important life or business decisions, make sure you seek out all the information and you’ve analyzed it for accuracy before working towards manifesting your goals. It’s important to have an objective outlook and discernment. Don’t be naive.

These cards represent individual choices. It can require a lot of personal courage to take the most informed, best route instead of just following along with the crowd.

Taking information at face value and automatically interpreting it as truth simply because you hold a bias, or you want to believe the messenger is telling you the truth, should be avoided. Inquiry, debate and logical, rational thinking will help you weed out truth from fiction.

Success is possible when you have an idea that is well thought out. Seek out the best information. Confidence in knowing that your ideas can manifest real world achievements.

Remember that rumors, lies and half-truths tend to spread far and wide fast, while the whole truth has always been the narrowest route. You may have to step back and do a bit more inquiry to know if the information you’re facing is really the truth or not.

Come back again to get new insights for your life from the tarot.


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