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Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces December 1, 2021 Astrology Horoscope

Neptune officially stations Direct in Pisces on December 1, 2021 at 8:23 am ET.

We are at a turning point of our perception of reality. This is a time of philosophical, existential questions about our lives. How much of life is like a matrix of possibilities, dreamed into existence as a production of our consciousness and how do we change it and imagine a new reality into existence?

Is the existence we are experiencing now really what we imagined it would be, or could be? Is this reality what we really wanted? Can we change our reality to vibrate in tune with a higher level of consciousness where love, compassion, truth and wisdom reign supreme?

With Neptune stationing direct in Pisces it is a time to consider possibilities that are beyond the realm of mundane awareness and reach higher into the fantastical and mystical levels of consciousness. This is where contemplation of reincarnation, the afterlife, spirituality, higher consciousness, intuition, fantasy, altered perceptions, psychic phenomenon, dreams, mysticism and magic reside.

Pisces is highly associated with the mystical side of Christianity where Christ Consciousness, Love, Compassion, Sacrifice, Resurrection and Ascension promise eternal spiritual connection to a Divine order.

And because Pisces has correspondences to Christianity, spirituality and endings, the symbolic meaning of Revelations will become more thoroughly studied during this period as we head into 2022.

Neptune is the Hanged Man in the Tarot where consciousness is changed, where the ego is dissolved and wisdom of higher consciousness takes precedence and changes awareness on a soul level.

This can be a turning point for many where spirituality becomes a more important part of life. Those with unresolved issues and depend on addictions to escape the world could see the light and reach for a higher purpose.

Beliefs about reality are set to change now. Is any of it real, or is reality a simulation of perceptions of the mind? Are people able to dissolve old beliefs that have been ingrained in the ego and move beyond the collective mindset into a higher level of awareness? Can people break free from mind-control where repetition of ideas and the imposed power of suggestion has people trapped in a type of hypnosis of a false reality?

Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces and is in Aquarius now, along with Saturn in Aquarius indicating this is a time to see beyond the restrictive mindset that is propagated into the collective consciousness by media and authority figures that form a cult of beliefs which imprison our mind and are intended to manifest control over our collective future.

Neptune stationing Direct in Pisces reminds us to do away with deception and seek the truth!

This is the time to seek truth that is beyond all the deceptions, illusions and delusions that the world presents, and move beyond limits into the unknown.

Only Truth can prevail in the end because truth is absolute. Lies and deception always requires more lies and deception to stop the truth from being revealed, but eventually deception destroys itself as it can not go on forever.

Spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, and using the imagination to visualize and see beyond the five senses into psychic realms align with the times to reach new levels of awareness.

We can change reality and raise ourselves and humanity to living in tune with higher truths.

Neptune will be Direct in Pisces until June 28, 2022.