New Moon Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse December 4, 2021 Astrology Horoscope
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NEW Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse December 4, 2021 Astrology Horoscope

It’s officially a New Moon in Sagittarius December 4, 2021 at 2:32 am ET with a Total Solar Eclipse which will only be visible in Antarctica and partially seen in South Africa.

Eclipses signify a shift of awareness and with a solar eclipse in Sagittarius, it is our beliefs about the world that are set to change. We are set to wake up to a new, different worldview that and it is the truth that matters most. What we thought and believed before, can change dramatically as we head into the future.

We also just had a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19th, so the events, perceptions, beliefs and experiences between these eclipses point to the significant changes we are going through now. You may want to go back and read some of the daily and weekly horoscopes posted over the past two weeks for more insights relevant to this transition period between eclipses.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is also close to Mercury in Sagittarius and the Moon will conjunct Mercury on December 4, 2021 at 7:44 am ET.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is now in Aquarius signifying, beliefs that influence the collective consciousness. Jupiter rules journalism and media and therefore the thoughts, ideologies and beliefs that spread around the world.

Interestingly enough on Thanksgiving we started hearing about Omicron of course, being strongly pushed into the collective mindset by the media.

The two most talked about in the media in the west were Delta and now Omicron, and it’s interesting that D-E-L-T-A + O-M-I-C-R-O-N is an anagram = M-E-D-I-A + C-O-N-T-R-O-L. Seriously, what are the odds of that?

Well, we might just know the answer especially considering if you’ve been following along with the horoscopes, and how Saturn is in Aquarius now as well with Jupiter, which indicates mind control, social controls imposed by authority figures.

Also, did you know that the symbol for Delta is a triangle and Omicron means eye. Again, what are the odds of that? What a game! And Jupiter rules games.

Well now we have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius indicating it’s time for everyone, worldwide to have a new shift of awareness and to choose a different mindset and aim for a different future, and especially to Wake Up to the reality we are accepting and thus creating based on beliefs presented to the collective mindset. It can take a lot to overcome peer pressure to think outside the box. The eclipse reminds us that we can change what we choose to believe and therefore change the future. Sagittarius loves freedom.

We also just had Neptune station Direct in Pisces on December 1st reminding us that this is a major karmic turning point between these eclipses. Jupiter is also co-ruler of Pisces, adding to the significance of how this is all connected. It’s time for us all to become much wiser in what we think and believe, and to move away from deceptions and illusions of beliefs so we can aim for and create a future that is based on truth.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is also in proximity to constellation Ophiuchus the serpent holder with the double star Ophiuchi Omicron. Ophiuchus corresponds to healer Aesclepius ancient Greek God of medicine symbolized by a snake on a staff/rod and is associated to plagues, which is in close proximity to the Corona Borealis “northern crown” constellation. Coincidence? What timing!

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