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Mars and Pluto connect NEW Daily Astrology December 6, 2021

Today Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn connect.

Today is a time to pay attention to the possibility of synchronicities. Can an experience deep within the psyche manifest itself in the material world? Do uncanny coincidences that happen in the world mean something personally for you?

Drive and determination to change goals especially in career and financial strategies are emphasized now. This can be a time to make changes in your goals guided by strong desires, especially in aims associated to business success. But when dealing with others, especially bosses and leaders, or when dealing with marketing strategies do be cautious that an overly heavy handed, excessively aggressive approach can also be too much for some and not always lead to the results you want.

This can also indicate secrets revealed about what’s really going on behind the scenes now, especially evident by behaviors, actions and reactions. Investigators and investigations can find out a lot now with many clues waiting to be uncovered just below the surface, especially noticeable in repetitive patterns.

In the larger picture, this is especially applicable to those in positions of power and authority, leaders, politicians, plutocrats, oligarchs, celebrities which can have dramatic, transformative changes in reputations now. Aggressive and destructive behavior and reactions can be very telling that something significant is being hidden.

Whether it is destructive political policies that cause harm, especially relating to finances or abuses, or it is sexual perversions, psychological manipulations or excessive abuses of power, many revelations can come out now. We could see accusations now, but even more likely it is that if destructive and abusive behavior, lies and deception of great magnitude are occurring behind the scenes now or are being strongly and strategically hidden, and are currently out of view, those things are highly likely to be revealed in a few months near the beginning of March 2022 which can do a huge number on reputations of powerful, prominent people at that time.

With Mars the warrior connecting with destructive Pluto we could see sparks of aggressive, fiery actions taken associated with the economy, the banking industry, and also include nuclear energy and can also be associated to naturally occurring events like volcanic activity.