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Truth and Illusions. Mercury challenges Neptune NEW Daily Astrology December 7, 2021

Mercury in Sagittarius is in a difficult aspect to Neptune in Pisces now.

It has become pretty obvious, especially over the past few years that we live in a world that deals with information in a less than honest way.

News and media are like magicians using sleight of hand to misdirect the audience one way to divert attention and focus from another way of seeing things, hiding the full picture.

Is what people are learning about the world and lead to believe really the truth?

We have censorship that is adding new rules by the day where open dialogue is refused and asking questions of certain people or situations, especially those with high status positions that have the power to influence the world, is not only discouraged but completely denied, and deemed verboten.

Questions and criticism of certain people or points of view can lead to ANY questioner consequently being “cancelled,” shamed into silence and unable to have a voice in society.

With Mercury challenging Neptune, this manner of challenges where information and secrets are hidden by a veil of deception, where thoughts, words, and facts are convoluted to manipulate beliefs and distract attention, where dialogue and genuine, relevant questions are covered up, discouraged and silenced, all could become more of an evident issue now.

Today reminds us that real information needs to be revealed to change the perception of humanity worldwide, but the thick smoke and the kaleidoscope of mirrors needs to be cleansed before we can see the whole truth.

Information intentionally designed to alter beliefs on a global scale has the power to change the direction of reality for everyone. It’s time to ask questions.

An example of a very simple, obvious yet profound question for this day and age which goes unanswered but should be, is, “what are the ingredients?”