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Mars challenges Jupiter NEW Daily Astrology December 8, 2021

Mars in Scorpio is in a difficult aspect to Jupiter in Aquarius now.

Aggressive, emotional actions and reactions can blow out of proportion now. Disagreements on beliefs and worldviews can create strong wedges in people’s social lives.

It’s not a great time to make rash decisions that can have a large affect on the future. Doing plenty of thorough research before taking action and learning the whole picture would be your smart approach now. This includes being more cautious about signing contracts and making big money deals, or taking out major loans. Decisions shouldn’t be based merely on enthusiasm, desires, hopes and wishes but rather based on sound judgment after thorough investigation.

Controversy in the news media and social media world is highly likely now. Some nasty attitudes, opinions and points of view could be on display and be highly revealing. Battles in the industry could heat up as conflicts of words, ideas and actions demonstrate big issues. Abuses of power could be talked about and reveal a lot. We could see internal conflicts in the media and tech industries where battles reveal secrets and dirt in people’s social circles.

Controversy of sexual behavior, perversions, secrets, and abuses of power could also be big news and get a lot of attention now, especially including those in the finance, banking, big business, politics and leadership positions. Corrupt behavior that goes well outside legal boundaries could also come out in the open requiring further investigation.

In that regard, chances are we’ll also see more examples of actions taken in media and social media to hide information that would reveal corrupt behavior about those in highly influential positions of society, and such actions of hiding information in itself reveals a hidden network of those involved.

The truth about actions, especially violent actions could come out in the open. Observing the facts with a broader point of view, looking at all the wide variety of details can reveal the larger truth that has been hidden.

Circumstances involving weapons are likely to be talked about in the media.

Where there are lies, comparing the words and the actions will bring the truth from behind the scenes.

We could also hear of hidden activities related to education system, the travel industry, as well as the tech industry. Battles and bad behavior behind the scenes could come out in the open.

Being cautious of deals, sales and promises of financial gain that seem too good to be true is wise now. It’s not a great time to gamble big money, for the rush of it could lead to big losses or complications.

6 Mars sextile Pluto psychological, deciphering, transformation, politics, money

7 Mercury square Neptune beliefs, unbelievable information, unreal, words beyond, illusions, magician, deception, slight of hand, seek truth to get through the fog.

8 Mars square Jupiter media pushing hard psychological, violence, ego, division

11 Venus conjunct Pluto money, transformation, sex politics, material world

11 Mercury sextile Jupiter – seek truth, send out message that reaches around the world, big message, plane, technology, money

12 Sun square Neptune – truth, wisdom, burn through the fog of lies

Xenobots, artificial life, can now self replicate. This is a strong indication of where we’re heading with Uranus in Taurus.