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Mars enters Sagittarius December 13, 2021 NEW Daily Astrology

Mars enters Sagittarius December 13, 2021 at 4:52 am ET.

The last time Mars was in Sagittarius was in January 2020.

Mars, as the archetypal warrior, indicates that a sense of urgency to act can increase. The ego can be a strong motivator with Mars, possibly resulting in excessive, over the top actions and reactions.

In Sagittarius, Mars can also indicate shake-ups in world affairs and a growing tension between leaders. Actions on the world stage might get louder and more noticeable. Aggressive stances between countries could potentially grow while strategic moves and orders of offense and defense may expand. World-wide considerations like immigration and war can get more attention.

Aggressive behavior will likely be noticed in the media and we could learn more about abuses in the education system.

Mars in Sagittarius also indicates potential issues with airlines and travel. Mechanical issues and possibly aggressive behavior on flights could make the news.

When Mars is in Sagittarius, taking action and learning through real, raw, physical experiences are the most direct route to attaining greater wisdom. You can also demonstrate wisdom by being the example of what you want to see in the world.

Mars in Sagittarius is passionate, enthusiastic, and driven to succeed.

Athletes known around the world could get more attention now as well.

Taking action toward something you can be proud of is motivating and confidence building. Anger, frustration and charged feelings can find an outlet here, turning excess energy into inspired actions and going for big aspirations. Aim high!

Since Sagittarius is also energized in a more jovial, humorous, and open minded direction comedians could be in the hot seat.

Egotistical, self centered, aggressive behavior is enhanced which could be especially noticed by politicians and lawmakers.

Do be cautious of engaging in too much risky behavior as it can lead to accidents and injuries. It’s best to be in wide-open spaces during sporting and physical activities.