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Full Moon in Gemini December 18, 2021, Mercury and Chiron NEW Daily Astrology

It’s officially a Full Moon in Gemini on December 18, 2021 at 11:35 pm ET.

This Full Moon highlights communications especially, and with a close connection to Jupiter this Full Moon in Gemini especially highlights media and social media.

The Full Moon in Gemini is across from the Sun in Sagittarius.

News and information close to this Full Moon can open eyes wide. Peer pressure, gossip and social interactions have a great influence on what we think about and what we believe about the world and reality.

With Gemini symbolizing the twins, it is associated with duality and associated to those that are “two-faced.”

There are “two sides to every story.”

The caution now is that bias often forms beliefs, but it doesn’t mean it’s really the truth. People believe what they want to believe and dismiss anything that doesn’t fit into their frame of mind. Bias is not about acknowledging the whole truth, but rather it is intentionally favoring a one-sided perspective.

As an example, a recent court filing involving a news journalist vs. Facebook has demonstrated in admitting that “Fact Checkers” are actually not based on facts – FB asserted in court filings that “Fact Checks” could not be deemed as false or defamatory because third party “Fact Checks” are merely “protected opinions” and therefore are considered to fall under “free speech” opinions. Well, that’s a very different assertion than what most people are lead to believe about “Fact Checks” as the authority on what is “the truth.”


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is also associated to the Trickster, and the magician. This reminds us that words, thoughts and ideas can lead to certain selective thoughts and beliefs, while leaving out certain words, thoughts and ideas leads the mind away from knowing the whole story.

We have the Destiny Point in Gemini now as well, which has brought a lot of attention to how information influences our reality and leads to our future. During this period it has been rather obvious how media disregards certain information and intentionally doesn’t mention certain topics as a way of hiding the truth and misleading the viewer, while over-emphasizing other information to manifest an intended perception. And of course the ever growing issue of censorship is an obvious example of how this game is played by manipulating information.

On the same day as this Full Moon in Gemini, we also have Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, in Capricorn now, in connection with Chiron in Aries. This is a challenging aspect indicating the information in the political and business realm with leaders and powerful people can be in conflict. We could see information revealed that damages reputations around the time of this Full Moon.

Mercury connecting with Chiron also points to how the ego-mind operates. It really is incredible how the mind works, where people will selectively accept some information and deny other information to hold onto an idea, believing something even when it’s clearly not true. Rather than admit they were lied to, or are wrong about something, we often see people double-down to defend their ego, blatantly denying the truth and holding fast to a bias in an attempt to “be right” and to “save face.”

Mercury in Capricorn contrasting with Chiron in Aries can also highlight contradictions and conflicts of medical information between authority figures and the common people.

Full Moon’s remind us it’s time to wake up.

Issues of travel and education are also highlighted with this Full Moon. It would be wise to be careful of what information is revealed in casual conversations around the time of this Full Moon in Gemini. Full Moon’s are known to be associated to increasing highly emotional and reactive personalities.