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NEW Weekly Zodiac Signs Astrology Horoscopes December 20 to 26, 2021. Winter Solstice

Happy Holidays!

This week we have the Winter Solstice for the shortest day of the year on December 21, 2021 when the Sun enters Capricorn at 10:58 am ET. The days will get longer reminding us to enhance light in our life.

Venus Retrograde will be meeting with Pluto on Christmas Day. Love and relationships can go through a change of heart during the holidays. Rekindling relationships and getting rid of negativity that gets in the way of the heart is worthwhile.

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Aries: This is a great time for you to set new aims that most reflect who you really are. What are you most passionate about? What goals would you love to change now? Taking charge of your energy and your health is really good for you now.

Taurus: Sometimes what you think and believe is outside the scope of others. You can be really smart, and knowing more and having an open mind can free you. This holiday, your goals and beliefs can change significantly. What do you love?

Gemini: Think about your bigger goals and imagine the karma you are creating for your future. Love and beautiful things affect you deeply. Gifts from the heart changes you.


Cancer: Relationships become a stronger focus this week. You’ll likely be inspired to change your goals. A friendly, neighborly approach brings good rapport. It’s a good week to be domestic and take care of yourself.

Leo: Your health and lifestyle routines are lit up. You might also want to change your look to feel more like your real self. A female figure could be requiring your time and responsibility. Getting rid of habits that hold you back from feeling good is worth considering.

Virgo: Where are your body and mind heading into the future? It’s a good time to think about what you are manifesting in the world. Is it what you really want? Imagine a different possibility and consider practical steps to make it happen?


Libra: Venus meets Pluto on the 25th. You could feel like having a make-over for yourself or your personal space at home so you look and feel different with your relationship to the material world.

Scorpio: Changes in relationships are likely to be the most influential, thought about and talked about part of your holidays. The way you feel as you connect to others will have notable shifts that gives you a different perspective of what you want. Your sense will be highly perceptive.

Sagittarius: The Sun leaves your sign this week to enter Capricorn for the Winter Solstice. Attention shifts toward practical matters and goals. Money matters, income and spending are likely to go through a shift. Giving yourself a gift of a makeover can shift your energy and help you feel lighter.


Capricorn: The Sun enters your sign for the Winter Solstice. You’ve got Mercury, Venus and Pluto in your sign as well. You may want to change your look to shift your perception of self worth. Be sure not to go into debt spending too much on credit for the holidays, so you can feel more financially free in the future.

Aquarius: Thinking about your personal, practical goals and the changes you want to make to seek more freedom, including financial freedom, are worth considering this week. Wherever you feel stuck you just might have a breakthrough. Shifts in self worth can be as simple and practical as a beauty makeover.

Pisces: Your social circle can be great inspiration now. The creative, fashionable sense of others could rub off on you giving you inspiration to create some personal changes and updates to your look. Your dreams are worth talking about to figure out hidden messages.