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Saturn challenges Uranus. Restrictions on Freedom. Structure of Society. December 24, 2021 NEW Daily Astrology

Saturn in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus now.

For thousands of years, astrology has given us a way of observing what’s happening in the world and seeing the symbolic connections to how it correlates to what is happening in the sky.

What humanity ultimately wants is freedom. It’s human nature to want to be free, and what is going on now with Saturn in Aquarius is giving everyone a big reminder with big insights into just how things are, when we are restricted from having our freedom.

Uranus is the rebel, and wants to break free from limitations. Uranus does not want to be held back by the rules and restrictions of authority which Saturn represents. So, we have a conflict between control and freedom.

Saturn is about structure and rules that are laid on top of reality, and in Aquarius it is through the mind that layer is constructed.

The structure of society is like a pyramid where the power is condensed to a point at the top, and that power is ultimately derived from money. Whoever has the most money, has the most say, and the most freedom to do as they please. When people have a lot of money, big money, it is no secret that it goes to their heads and their egos inflate exponentially. We see how this operates in society where world power at the top is a type of dictatorship of control that creates rules and demands everyone else is forced to live by. But why is it like that, when what humanity really wants is freedom?

When people are at the top of power in society because they have all that money to support their every want and wish, and therefore their egos are so big they feel unstoppable, it’s like the spoiled brat that demands they get anything and everything they want, right now. They demand it, and get it by throwing money at whatever they want.

Having that much money and power makes people feel like they can do anything they want without any limits or accountability whatsoever, which to them is what freedom means – no limits, no rules, no laws. Because they don’t want to have any limitations or accountability, in order to keep that level of freedom from responsibility, naturally in a world of duality and polarity, they then in turn need to control any opposition that might stand against their spoiled-brat-ways. And that’s the very crux of the battle happening in the world today. It is a battle between control and freedom between the top-upper-class of society, and the rest of humanity.

Why do the people at the top put restrictions on the rest of humanity if what everyone wants is freedom? Because those at the top with their big egos go so far outside the scope of what is acceptable to the majority of humanity, and they don’t want to be held accountable or restricted from doing what they do – thus the back and forth battle between control and freedom ensues.

So, this is why we see the power struggles in society throughout history and today. There is a back and forth battle of what freedom really means and what people want for themselves, and they don’t want others getting in their way. Those with the majority of the money and power have the upper hand because with all that money they can accomplish just about anything they want, imagine and plan simply by paying others to take all the steps necessary to make it all happen.

Now we see money funneled to the very top few in society, giving them even more power and omnipotence as nobody will hold them accountable.

People with that much money hire clever people to figure out multiple ways to further increase their money and thus power, and so then we enter into the realm of politics where rules around money and power are made, which of course is obviously designed for the most benefit of those at the top. Those that make the rules are like a big club working together in coordination to intentionally manifest the benefits and interests of those at the top and so the power grows at that level tipping the balance of power in society between the few and the many.

Throughout history we have seen repeatedly how the power dynamic in society is no different than a master-slave relationship, and the slaves want to break free from the master. That is precisely what the conflict between Saturn and Uranus symbolizes now.

With Saturn in Aquarius, the big powers in society that are operating at the highest levels, working in coordination in escalating power over humanity, to rule the minds of the collective and manifest a structure of control from the top down are Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Government and Big Media.

As people’s lives are affected by this struggle, people are waking up one-by-one, day-by-day to seeing the truth of the conflict in this relationship of control and freedom between the upper echelons of society and the rest of humanity.


Since Saturn entered Aquarius the restrictions on social lives and society by authority figures has been increasing and ongoing. When Saturn first entered Aquarius in March 2020 that’s when social distancing started, people started wearing masks and of course online censorship only increased.

Just how does reality reflect astrology so spot on? Do those in powerful positions use astrology as a tool for power? Do they see themselves as gods, controllers of the world? Well, astrology certainly points to all these things now and the coincidences and correspondences are undeniable.

Saturn is about structure, organization and planning to achieve goals.

The structure of society is developed with a methodical approach of planning and organizing, with a dash and a dollop of secrecy as plans roll out.

Cooking is all about the timing. You’ve got to put certain ingredients in at certain stages to achieve the desired outcome. There are certain methods and processes that need to occur at certain times to make it all come together. That’s the same with all plans.

Saturn is about time, planning, scheduling, organizing, control and creating structure, so we can see that those in powerful positions with a lot of money make big plans on a schedule rolling out each step in a process of development. Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that a lot of what goes on in the realms of politics and business are hidden, in secret, so most people don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes. But, the step by step process, the plans keep developing, while keen observers see the patterns of the actions and reactions of authority revealing a lot of the hidden intentions.

Throughout history, the corporate/political realm has been a chess board of power and control where an intentionally created climate of fear and restriction is continuously pushed by authority figures onto the people.

When people communicate freely, they naturally see different perspectives and can start to understand the bigger picture to get closer to the truth. In an attempt to control the narrative and keep secrets hidden, we can see how the restrictions on communicating, and the push for censorship by authority instills fear, discourages debate and manifests division among people, all of which is very much associated to Saturn in Aquarius.

What happens with Saturn in Aquarius is mind control programming by authority figures – rich and powerful – which is then further propagated by peer pressure in society. It is an intentional scripting of reality with a plan of manifesting social engineering in favor of those writing the script. Technology further emphasizes this with algorithms that selectively choose what information is propagated and what information is blocked.

It is obvious the direction being pushed to manifest in reality is the building of a digital ID social credit score system for control by the authorities further eroding personal rights and freedoms by the use of technology. Just as we see in the social world now, people are being groomed to get used to people being cancelled for having different points of view that stray from the mainstream narrative. If anyone steps out of line of the rules, punishment is right behind and you just might get cancelled – which is exactly what a social credit score system does – it takes away rights and freedoms instantly, digitally, like a big-brother overlord. And as we know, the rules keep changing and keep piling on top of one another. All of these points are a demonstration of Saturn in Aquarius playing out in the real world.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, now in Taurus, points to technology associated to the material world, including our bodies with biotechnology. Uranus, is science, technology, the mind and in earth sign Taurus, ruled by Venus, this directly correlates to the body and thus science and technology associated to the physical body. Are you free to determine the rights of your own body, or does your body become owned by a corporate powerhouse if it contains patented technology? That’s a serious question to consider especially considering we know that crops become property of corporations that contain patented GMO technology in the plants.

These complex subjects of control and freedom in our lives are difficult to talk about in social circles because of the climate of silencing, restricting and denying discussion that goes outside the box – which is of course intentionally being pushed onto society to ensure people are stigmatized and discriminated against for their differing views. It’s the elephant in the room just about everyone is afraid to talk about, but also fed up with talking about because it inevitably leads to ego battles and biases.

This holiday season, talking about what’s going on in the bigger picture is nearly impossible. With so many conflicting points of view, and everyone having bits of different information not the whole true picture, disagreements and arguments are guaranteed – which is by design.

A lot of people do want to talk about it, ask questions, to try to figure a way out of the situation, but the push back only leads to conflicts and divisions – which works out well for those implementing the control system of course.

During this period, more people will notice that the freedoms promised after the restrictions and complying to the demands were not true. It was a false carrot on a stick. The restrictions remain and the system is only strengthening by adding more rules and limitations – because that’s what authority figures do, always adding more rules.

Just as we have seen throughout history, leaders around the world are acting like they are above everyone, have endless, omnipotent powers, are not listening to the people, and causing a lot of hardship which looks more like a Master-Slave relationship to the people, rather than representation of the people.

For freedom to become a reality ever again, talking about the truth, asking questions and figuring out what’s really going on is necessary. It has been intentionally designed to be a very difficult hurdle to overcome and with Saturn in Aquarius. With Saturn in a difficult position to Uranus in Taurus now, relationships are likely to be highly strained when the subject comes up during the holidays.

It would also not be surprising to see power outages and internet outages, as a symbolic demonstration of further keeping people in the dark.