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Mercury and Neptune. Imagining Reality, Maya. NEW Daily Astrology December 26, 2021

What are your dreams? What are your goals?

Can you imagine a different experience of the world and manifest that into reality?

Existential questions about life are worth pondering today. As Mercury in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces now we’re reminded of how far our minds can reach into the vast realms of fantasy and imagination.

What do we set our minds on, matters of the ego, or matters of higher consciousness; matters of materialism, or matters of karmic wisdom; matters of money, or matters of the soul? How is the world a product of our minds and what we focus on?

Today is a great day for setting goals that are highly creative. Whether you are writing, dancing, singing, cooking, painting, or building whatever you do, combine a mindful plan with intuitive flow and see where it takes you. Dreaming up new ideas can change your plans giving you an interest in working toward something different than your usual routine.

Communicating about serious matters probably wouldn’t go too far today as wishy-washy beliefs and perspectives will just cloud and blur facts with fiction. It’s rather a better time to tap into imagination to see what kind of ideas come to mind that have the potential to manifest something when you’re in a productive mood.

With Mercury as The Messenger of the gods in corporate/political/power oriented Capricorn it’s also interesting to note that today’s corporate media and authority figures like politicians on TV are very much like modern day priests that disseminate the beliefs and ideas to the masses. Millions of people not only automatically believe the perspectives repeatedly promoted through the TV designed by the higher echelons of powerful people in society, but millions also fear to doubt or question the information coming from the main-stream. In a lot of ways, what’s on TV has become like a religion to people that forms people’s beliefs about reality. Where people’s minds go, reality follows – as people’s thoughts, lead to actions, which leads to manifestation.

With Neptune’s ruler Jupiter in Aquarius and Capricorn’s ruler Saturn in Aquarius, we are reminded how collective consciousness is manifested by what information is transmitted through the airwaves, and how the rich and powerful get to decide the structure and format of that information – what is and is not shown on TV, what is written in or edited out of articles, and what’s allowed and censored on social media – all leading to the formation of collective belief of reality (Maya).

Is the world they are imagining into reality, the one you want to be manifested?

This is a great day to ask questions about information and beliefs, with the potential to uncover secrets and reveal wisdom.