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NEW Daily Astrology December 29, 2021.

Mercury meets Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and the Sun conflicts with Chiron in Aries. We also have Mars in Sagittarius connecting with Saturn in Aquarius.

Egos could be in conflict today and have people questioning their self worth and goals. We could see examples of identity crisis during this period. Reevaluating what love really means is indicated. We could also see a global shift of actions associated with authority figures. Attention on the economy is likely to get more talk.

Interestingly enough, with Venus Retrograde in Capricorn connecting with Pluto lately, I had mentioned that with the astrological signs we could see the death of a high-profile female figurehead, famous and politically associated. Well, we just had someone intend an assassination of the head of the Crown, the Queen of England – a 19 year old with a bow and arrow. What timing!