We just had the New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury entering Aquarius on January 2, 2022.

This week starts off with Jupiter in Pisces in a difficult position to the Destiny Point in Gemini on Monday, indicating an emphasis on how contradictions and deceptions over people’s thoughts and beliefs impact our future. Be cautious of untruths in journalism and media messaging and rise above it to seek truth. Travel issues are likely.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Capricorn as the week progresses reminding us to bring love, truth and wisdom back into our consciousness and into the material world. Taking practical actions to demonstrate a change of heart is suggested.

Mercury in Aquarius will connect with Chiron at the end of the week reminding us to heal ourselves and the collective through the power of communicating the truth and seeking freedom for all.

Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a Fuller Picture.

Aries: Sometimes being an independent thinker and speaking your mind may or may not gain you friends, but it just might save yourself or someone else. When you live in truth you help heal the collective mind, influencing the future.

Taurus: Get reacquainted to your creative imagination with practical goals. You could have a light bulb of wisdom remind you of a higher purpose.

Gemini: What you think and believe and much of what you hear may not always be true. Imagine a future of freedom for yourself and those around you.


Cancer: People change, and so do you. Don’t let what others think hold you back. Trust your biggest dreams.

Leo: Take care of your body. Love yourself. Enjoy the sunshine. Reinvent your goals to feel lighter.

Virgo: Be true to yourself. Don’t let others determine what’s best for your body or mind. Have hope for the future. More empathy helps your relationships.


Libra: Love, care and compassion for those close is healing. Beautify your home and let in more light. Dreaming up a home business can change you.

Scorpio: Keep moving forward. Set your aims. Channel your energy. Stay motivated. Create a vision.

Sagittarius: Misunderstandings and miscommunications at home can impact relationships and your future. Try not to get overly emotional over differences of opinion.


Capricorn: Self worth is a belief. Reimagine a lighter, wiser, more loving version of yourself. Communicate with love and compassion.

Aquarius: Self talk that defines you should be positive. Your thoughts have the power to heal your identity and improve opinions of who you really are.

Pisces: Opinions of family and people close can impact what you believe about yourself. Friends that are loving help you see a brighter reflection of yourself.