A few days ago, I wanted to pull just a single card from the tarot about the TFC and leave it at that for now, and wouldn’t you know I got the Justice card.

Doesn’t that say it all. The Justice system will be in the spotlight. We’ll see how justice plays out this month and it already looks like a lot of people are waking up to seeing how much injustice is taking place that requires real justice to set things right.

Justice requires truth to bring balance and revealing the truth is the core of what’s happening.

The sword represents the mind and decision making and the scales are associated with the measure of all things in truth. Scales are also associated with money and the measure of commodities, goods, food and supplies. This is fitting to be happening at this time as we just had The Destiny Point enter Taurus on January 18, 2022.

What’s also interesting is that we have Uranus the ruler of Aquarius, also in Taurus now, and Saturn is in Aquarius. We are likely to see a lot more focus on the connections between big tech, authority figures, politics and big business as well as charity and non-profit organizations.

The Justice card is ruled by Libra indicating the need for balance and harmony in relationships, and also reminds us to be conscious of biases. We could see a lot of legal issues come up this month in how things are being dealt with, and rights being a strong topic.

Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Venus is currently in Capricorn, the sign of politics, and big business. With Venus, the goddess of love, indicated now it reminds us of the bonds of relationships we have with one another and coming together.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

How interesting this card was the one that arose when this situation is centered around someone with a name that starts with J-u-s-t-i….