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Mars and Venus both enter Aquarius March 6, 2022 – Mars and Venus Conjunct in Aquarius

Mars and Venus both just connected with Pluto in Capricorn on March 3, 2022. Of course, like clockwork with Mars the warrior meeting destructive Pluto, war is in focus. Deep dark secrets of political corruption could be at the root of the battle of course, and nuclear energy is also in focus.

Now, Mars and Venus start a new cycle in Aquarius together at nearly the same time.

Mars enters Aquarius on March 6, 2022 at 1:22 am ET and Venus enters Aquarius March 6, 2022 at 1:29 am ET – only 7 minutes apart.

Venus and Mars then conjunct in Aquarius on March 6, 2022 at 2:12 am ET. 

What’s happening here is Mars enters Aquarius first, then Venus follows, and within minutes Venus meets Mars and overcomes him by leading the way, moving forward through Aquarius more quickly.

Venus and Mars are opposites; essentially, love and war. With both in Aquarius, this dynamic can play out in obvious ways, especially through information exchanged that reaches a lot of people.

In love and war, this period will ask people to choose which one you emphasize more in your life.

Mars is the initiator, the first to enter the sign, but Venus quickly meets Mars. She reminds us to follow our heart, and that love can dissolve aggression.

Venus can disarm Mars. Making love brings calm after the rush.

In March, we are reminded to “Make love, not war.”

In Aquarius, is it the mind, thoughts and words that are most in focus.

Information can be a battle ground as Mars indicates, but Venus reminds us that when we have love in our hearts and are more receptive and open to listening to other perspectives we can gain a wider variety of valuable information.

We see it all the time, when it comes to wars of information, almost nobody has the full story. Yet, people draw strong opinions immediately on very little information and a narrow perspective, and these days quite possibly misleading, and thus lacking the full awareness of context of what’s truly going on and why. But the ego can take a bold, even stubborn stance on what it wants, immediately.

We can dissolve the ego battle, by prioritizing love.


What is the collective thinking about and do we just passively accept what is going on or do we take charge for what we want?

It is imperative to understand the value of having freedom to think beyond the narrow, limited view that Saturn in Aquarius represents now, so we can find the real truth of what’s going on and why.

Different views of the world can make it difficult to connect, but if you are willing to look at a broader picture of possibilities outside a decidedly narrow scope, you are likely to be able to see that what most sane people really want is the truth.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius reminding us to be mindful of our ability to think outside the box – especially during these times of information restrictions to sustain a narrative already decided.

In Aquarius, people can be quite zany and out there, sometimes even delusional, so the spell over the mind can be hard to break. Aquarius is associated with collective consciousness and the peer pressure to conform to a specific way of thinking can be strong, like how a cult operates on the mind. The TV and stream of information online can use the power of suggestion, can be hypnotic and shape the beliefs of the consumer.

See more with Mercury in Aquarius now as well.

What’s in the airwaves, on TV and online, the news and media has the greatest influence on what people think and therefore believe collectively. The narratives, the scripted-to-be-projected story lines created to specifically socially engineer the consciousness of a target audience. Campaigns of controlling consciousness are even catered according to location. The intentions of the narrative are geographic (another point associated with Uranus in Taurus). Interestingly with censorship, some people are aware of some information that others have no clue about. The result is confusion and a lack of awareness of the real truth due to edits and retractions that leave one without having the whole picture, but only a projected narrative.

Obviously, what people think is also mostly based on what they want to believe, thus socially engineering the mindset of the collective via pushed narratives impacts the real world.

As we know, people are biased and refuse to acknowledge some information while on the other hand being totally magnetized to other information that fits into the worldview they want to believe.

This creates strong polarities of beliefs which manifests as strong disagreements among people.

Cognitive dissonance parallels biases and is everywhere.


Of course, various types of relationships are also on people’s mind with Venus and Mars meeting close in Aquarius now, especially romantic relationships and attractions.

In Aquarius, it is who we connect with on a mind level in our relationships that has the most significant influence on the type of future we are creating. What you think and believe you create. You become the company you keep. As opposites, Mars and Aquarius can complement one another, but can also be diametrically opposed. How do we bring them together to find balance?

Balance in relationships requires compromise, and sometimes we have to look at both sides of an issue and see where we can meet with another’s perspective. Though Aquarius focuses on the collective, Aquarius also likes independence – sometimes enough is enough when it comes to other people pushing you into being one thing or another to satisfy everyone else.

With Venus leading in Aquarius, relating through dialogue that is coming from a heart-felt place and being open to move beyond the limited scope that is impressed upon the minds of the collective, is super important now for people to connect with one another from the heart rather than the ego.


In technology and sciences we could see some battles, likely reflected in the stock market. We could see strong shifts in the tech sector now especially associated to money and the banking sector. Digital currency and cybersecurity are likely to be topics talked about much more during this period. With Chiron in Aries as well now, the influences of digital identity are likely to be an issue discussed more during this period.

Ultimately, it is love and war that are significant topics on people’s minds now.

This is a good time to recognize wherever there is anger, fear, hatred in our minds, our hearts can dissolve and overcome it all.

What kind of future are we going to choose to manifest?

Venus will be in Aquarius until April 5, 2022 at 3:18 pm ET.

Mars will be in Aquarius until April 15, 2022 at 3:06 am ET.