Jupiter in Pisces connects with Neptune in Pisces on April 12, 2022 at 2:42 pm ET.

This indicates a highly spiritual time where you may gravitate toward philosophy and understanding the purpose of life, through the perspective of cosmic consciousness. Significant realizations are possible.

Jupiter meeting Neptune in Pisces brings big attention to the water element. This is the time to tap into a more psychic perspective of reality and great wisdom that is usually deeply hidden, like the mysteries of the universe. The power of the imagination and big ideas is heightened.


We could also see a major realization of a powerful delusion of beliefs.

Strong emotions around religious beliefs, ideas and fantasies are indicated.

Longstanding deceptions that reach a wide audience could be obvious and recognized by those seeking truth. Huge secrets and cover ups of corruption and scandals could be exposed but many caught in delusions could continue to fall for them, not wanting to believe the truth.

There is a desire in many to reveal the truth to purge deceptions and extinguish lies. Those that are immoral and abusive could have a major fall.

Events happening now can be associated to a large karmic cycle.