Enjoy Your New Horoscope highlights for transits and major aspects this week.

Mars enters Taurus July 5, 2022 2:04 am ET. This is a time to be strong, to eat healthy and use your energy toward building something. Auspicious for athletes, bodybuilders, artists, and creators to be motivated to put in more effort. This is the time to tap into more of your energy and willpower to complete practical tasks to manifest something that matters.

With Uranus and the Destiny Point also in Taurus now, we can expect that the battles Mars fights during this period will impact our future. Food, resources, money, stocks and the economy, housing, ownership, the environment and land, farming, energy and technology, financial security and cyber security are where the battleground heats up. Egos could flair over tense financial and business considerations. We could see physical battles and aggressive actions during this period.

Mars in Taurus slows down, indicating a more strategic, methodical but still aggressive approach which we are likely to see in business and the economy going forward.

With Uranus and the Destiny Point also in Taurus now, we’re likely to see sudden surprise events that change our perspective heading into the future.

Mercury enters Cancer July 5, 2022 2:25 am ET. Talking to family, mothers and those you care for and getting involved in the day to day activities in your home life is indicated now. We are likely to hear more talked about family and parenting in the news. This is a good time to start journaling your thoughts and feelings. Learning more about self-care, nutrition and health are recommended during this period. Addressing small details around the home is also suggested now.


The Sun in Cancer connects with Chiron in Aries July 8, 2022 9:22 am ET. Identity issues, especially related to family and origins are highlighted. A challenging interaction, experience or memory can reveal the way you honestly feel about people. This can be a time for healing the past by shining light on the truth.

Mercury in Cancer is in a difficult aspect to Jupiter in Aries July 9, 2022 2:13 am ET. This indicates a big message that can instantly influence the way you think, feel and believe. The small details and the bigger picture can be overlooked easily now so it’s wise to work on clarifying both. Identity issues, especially conflicts between parents and their children gets attention now. Sometimes even the slightest words and phrases can be like a collision to the ego. Gossip and pointing things out, especially broadcasting criticism or exploiting someone’s feelings, can really bring issues, particularly with family now.

Rhetoric in the news can emphasize racism, identity politics, cultural and religious beliefs, only adding tension to conflicting ideologies. How people really feel about those in leadership positions can dominate the conversation.

We’ll likely hear more talk about travel issues this week, especially air travel. Miscommunications could cause big issues.