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NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 29 to September 4, 2022

Since we just had the New Moon in Virgo we’re going to notice people wanting a healthy, organized work space and environment.

Mercury already in Libra is going Retrograde on September 9th, and is already in shadow since August 20, 2022. We’ll see the topics that are most in focus now will continue to be revisited and extended into the weeks ahead. Between August 20th and October 16th is the period where we’ll see the influence of Mercury Retrograde between 24 Degrees of Virgo and 8 degrees of Libra.

Truth, law, justice and karma are the big topics with this Mercury Retrograde cycle as well as all things connected to relationships. We’ll also see topics in focus that revisit issues connected to personal health, and the health sector that need to be addressed. We’re already seeing long awaited reversals on these topics, and they are gaining momentum. These issues will continue to escalate, and bring further awareness and uncover hidden information during this period. We can expect a lot of talk and gossip as people seek the truth of what’s going on behind the scenes, while those that have not been telling the truth will be backpedaling for cover. A lot of people could change their minds as they are finally willing to hear another side of the story. Although biases and cognitive dissonance is strong, the truth shall set people’s minds free. It’s a wise time to be a detective and do some investigative research to get to the bottom of things.

The balance of truth that Libra symbolizes reminds us that truth always exists regardless of how many lies try to hide it. Truth is always there, ready to be revealed to bring us back into balance. Truth is the antidote. Of course, this is why we can see why there is such a strong push for censorship and restrictions to hide the truth from the people (Saturn in Aquarius). With more people learning the truth, the house of cards gets weaker. People have know for thousands of years that, “The truth will set you free.”

Expect a lot of reversals, rebuttals, rewording, back peddling, and backtracking during this period. There is always more than one side of a story.

I’ve already touched on Mercury in Libra and Mercury Retrograde in last week’s horoscope and I’ll be talking much more about it as we journey through the weeks ahead.

Mars entered Gemini on August 20th – right when Mercury began the shadow phase of the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Mercury also rules Gemini, so here we see a strong connection. Battles over information are a main theme during this period. Words being used as weapons will be notable. Be extra cautious of passive aggressive behavior.


Mars and Mercury both connect with Jupiter in Aries this week.

Mars in Gemini connects with Jupiter Retrograde in Aries September 1, 2022 at 7:51 am ET. We could see quite a media storm during this period and in the weeks ahead. The battle over what people think and believe is on. We can expect big messages, declarations or announcements associated to war. The desire to learn new information is heightened with an extra dose of eagerness. Big ideas motivate actions. Attacks on people’s identities could cause major defensive reactions. Gossip about people is likely to escalate tension. Be cautious of people baiting you into reacting so they can then use that reaction against you.

Be extra cautious of being distracted, like talking on the phone, while driving or operating machinery. We could see communications issues with flights and military around this time. Aggressive talk and behavior on planes or at airports could get attention. Financial games could make news this week.

Mercury in Libra is opposite Jupiter Retrograde in Aries September 2, 2022 at 9:49 pm ET. What is said in relationships can have a big impact now. Judgment about what people think and believe is emphasized. In romantic, platonic and business relationships alike, messages and information conveyed can become bigger than you might expect. Gossip and opinions can spread far and wide.

Talk in the news and media is in larger focus now. War and division could be a big issue especially since we have Mars in Gemini now as well.

Talking about people’s identity is likely to get a lot more attention. We could hear a lot about generalities about people’s identity and characteristics. Labeling and categorizing people into broad groups, like how the media and politicians are constantly judging people based on a single quality of people like skin color, instead of judging and assessing each person according to their individual personalities, the content of their character and their behavior, can be another issue that gets greatly emphasized now.

The big differences in how people think, feel and believe can have quite a significant influence on relationships now and could be major factors in how relationships change at this time.

Be extra cautious of judgments and opinions at this time. People could say things they think are justified now, but they’ll regret later. Judging and criticizing people can cause big issues now. Biases can be a difficult issue to deal with when discussing topics and issues, especially when they are exaggerated.

As mentioned, Mercury will also be going Retrograde on September 9th, which I talked more about in last week’s horoscope and will talk more about in the weeks ahead.

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