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Astrology Death of Queen Elizabeth II and Crowning King Charles III – Astrology Charts

With the Pluto Return of the United States in Capricorn happening throughout 2022, since February 20, 2022, and how that is associated with 1776 and the Crown, this is quite an interesting, timely event marking the end of an era. The announcement of Queen Elizabeth II passing away on September 8, 2022 is 200 days after the Pluto Return hit exact precision. February 20, 2022.

What’s interesting about September 8, 2022 is that we have the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon is a personal planet and represents female figures, especially mothers. Saturn represents authority figures, including those of highest authority in political positions of power and dominion. Of course, with a longstanding reign over 70 years, the Queen is probably the most famous person on earth. Queen Elizabeth II has been one of the most powerfully symbolic figureheads in the world underlying the structure, authority and rule of society that affects everyone’s lives. Saturn also represents time, and death, and particularly the social structure of society while in Aquarius. *The connection of current circumstances of the social order associated with technology and science used as a system of control over the collective is discussed more in the Pluto Return of the US.

Oddly enough, with timing and numbers, I’ve heard through the rabbit hole grapevine that the first “17th Letter” post was made on October 28, 2017 precisely 1776 days before September 8, 2022. How is that for a symbolic coincidence?

Also interesting timing, the Corona (Crown) virus was officially declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020 which is precisely 911 days before the Queen (representing The Crown) died on September 8, 2022. Isn’t that quite the correlation?

Astrology Chart of the Day September 8, 2022

Chart of the Day September 8, 2022 Moon conjunct Saturn 1:33 pm GMT

Also, on September 8th, 2022 we had the Sun in Virgo connecting to the Destiny Point in Taurus indicating a significant event influencing our future now. Born on April 21, 1926 Queen Elizabeth was a Taurus.

Also of astrological significance at this time, the death of Queen Elizabeth has been announced just before we have the Full Moon in Pisces coming up on September 10, 2022 and as the last sign of the zodiac is associated with endings, death, the afterlife, reincarnation and spirituality, while Full Moons represent fruition and culminations. This Full Moon in Pisces reaches its maximum between Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries visible in the night sky. As the Moon and Pisces are associated with watery emotions we can expect the period of mourning to be as such for many. The Moon is associated to the High Priestess (card II), and Pisces is associated to The Moon (card XVIII) in the tarot.

We also have Mercury stationing Retrograde in Libra this week on September 9, 2022 and the announcement by the new King Charles III stating that there will be 10 days before burial followed by 7 days of mourning. It’s like a changing of the guard and a shift in the balance of power. The period ahead is sure to be interesting with lots of changes and looking back on the past. This all happening during quite a tumultuous time, we’re sure to hear more about economic shifts.

Queen Elizabeth II Astrology Birth Chart.

Queen Elizabeth II – April 21, 2026 2:40 am GMT – Transits September 8, 2022.

As we can see with the Transits of the Queens Birth Chart, the Moon has not reached Saturn in Aquarius yet as of 0:00 GMT (midnight in the UK), but the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on September 8, 2022 at 1:33 pm GMT (afternoon in the UK).

The Moon represents female figures, especially mothers. Saturn represents authority figures, including those of highest authority in political positions of power. The moon is a personal planet, and Saturn also represent time, and death.

Transiting Mercury is in her 8th house which is associated to death and transformation, and is in close orb of conjunction to her Part of Fortune just as Mercury is coming to a standstill stationing Retrograde in Libra indicating a significant time of focus and change. Mercury Retrograde will now be looking back and getting closer to the Sun as the Sun enters her 8th house, and they will conjunct on September 23, 2022.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is also in her 1st house, signifying transformation and death of identity. Transiting Lillith is in her 6th house in Cancer connecting with her natal Destiny Point and Pluto, signifying the potential for significant health issues.

In general, the Queens natal Moon is in Leo, a position of leadership especially associated to Kings and Queens, in her 7th house of relationships, with mysterious, secretive Neptune nearby. Though she is a spectacle to the people, there is much about her that is unknown.


King Charles III Astrology Birth Chart

King Charles III – November 14, 1948 9:14 pm GMT – Transits September 8, 2022

The plan of what will happen after Queen Elizabeth’s death is called “Operation London Bridge.” Note how they always seem to speak in military terms, as “Operations.”

Now this is the one to watch of course as we head into the future.

Looking at the chart of King Charles III (a Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto) we can see on September 8, 2022 the transiting Destiny Point and transiting Uranus in his 10th house of reputation and legacy, signifying a sudden change in authority as a figurehead and leader in a position of power influencing the future.

Interestingly, as Prince Charles III has become King Charles III and corresponding to the Destiny Point in Taurus now, he associates strongly with environmentalism and “climate change” as a method of creating and establishing structure in society. (See video at bottom of page.)

His natal Destiny Point is in close orb to his natal Moon in the 10th house as well, and the transiting Destiny Point will conjunct his Natal Destiny Point on April 29, 2023 which could indicate a significant focus on his authority associated to the future. With the Moon nearby in the 10th house, the reactive aspect of his ego could certainly be in the spotlight.

The transiting Destiny Point is also in square to his natal Pluto in his 1st house in Leo (associated with Kings and Queens). His ego could be quite a destructive force and lead to significant changes if the power goes to his head. With Mars and Pluto being his ruling planets, will he demonstrate destructive, aggressive behavior in such a position of authority?

As well, the transiting Moon reaching to conjunction of transiting Saturn is in opposition to his Pluto in his 1st house and in square to the transiting Destiny Point. Will his relationship to people be cold, limited and restricted, and perceived as an authoritarian leader rather than a societal “father figure”? Considering he’s never been as popular with the people and some hold contempt for him especially associated to his relationship Princess Diana, it will be interesting to see how people react to his rule.

Also notable, transiting Lillith in Cancer is in his 12th house indicating endings and the afterlife, especially associated to a mother figure.

Transiting Mars is also in his 11th house now, will he be too aggressive and domineering in his efforts and actions associated to the social collective? What groups and associations is he involved in that he could use to assert power?

Just touching on a few things with a quick look at the charts, there will be much more to explore as we go forward in the weekly horoscopes ahead.

Thank you for your contribution.