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NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope September 12-18, 2022

Every Monday I talk about what’s happening in astrology for the week ahead revealing a variety of possibilities relating to our personal lives and the bigger picture of the world.

We have Mercury Retrograde in Libra this week since September 9, 2022 which will continue into early October. We can expect a lot of reversals and backtracking in search of balance. It’s a good time to do research and think twice about everything.

What is most important this week is that you figure out what is truly out of balance in your life by being totally honest and look at all sides of the issue, so you can work on bringing back balance to that part of your life. It’s a good time to reflect and work on being more self aware.

Interesting timing… On the day of the announcement of the Queen’s death on September 8, 2022, the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on September 8th at 8:33 am ET. Heading toward the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th, it was interesting to see the Full Moon visible in the night sky balanced between Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aries. Easily visible, Jupiter and Saturn seemed like points of light as the tips of wings on each side of the Full Moon. After the Full Moon in Pisces, the Moon then conjunct Jupiter in Aries on September 11, 2022.


This week, The Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces, September 16, 2022 at 8:20 pm ET. Seeing how the world is organized in patterns and cycles, and knowing the importance of real facts and figures to make sense of our reality, we are faced with looking more deeply into the contrast of what is hidden and unknown, mysterious, perplexing, and doesn’t make logical sense. The Sun in Virgo brings the spotlight to how our lives are ordered now, and especially associated to work, lifestyle, health and the health system. We could discover hidden details about what’s really been going on in the world.

People are likely to be more hesitant, reserved and less trusting of information about money matters and health now, especially where there is a cloud of confusion and too much important information is hidden away. This opposition can also indicate a spiritual conflict for the soul, associated to both the Sun and Neptune in contrast with one another now. Wherever there is a contrast, there is also the opportunity to find the common thread that links them, to help find an underlying truth. Neptune being so mysterious and unknown, can also be exploited for secrecy and the Sun symbolizes shining light to see what the big secrets are. There are many methods and ways discoveries can be revealed.

In culture and society, people that are conditioned, brainwashed (Pisces) and indoctrinated by fantasy may wake up to the reality of the bigger picture when conflicting data and information (Virgo) comes their way this week, leading to a mixed bag of confusion and clarity. Surrendering the ego can lift the veil of illusions.

Of course, everyone’s opinion is different because everyone bases their opinions on the limited information they have been exposed to. Because people’s egos want to always be “right,” it’s hard for people to admit their opinion is flawed or wrong because they weren’t aware of some information that has been hidden away from them. With so many differing points of view, arguments and division is inevitable.

Cognitive dissonance is a phenomenon where people refuse to listen to anything that contradicts what they want to believe. Cognitive dissonance does have its benefit: by acting like a barrier that helps people feel more comfortable as they hold certain worldviews and discard others, it helps to reduce people’s stress and anxiety. But the downfall is that people hold so closely, even stubbornly, to certain ideas only that they deny any uncomfortable information that doesn’t uphold their own views. Cognitive dissonance is living a lie and creates a delusional, subjective worldview from person to person, instead of an objective, honest worldview. This only further causes a disconnect between what is true and what is not true, causing more people to be confused, unsure, not trusting and divided. To get to the real truth, questions must always be asked to uncover the lies and to find all the holes in the story that don’t make sense. Lies, censorship and media methods of intentionally misdirecting people’s attention, amplifying certain views while hiding others only creates a great imbalance and leads the world away from knowing the truth. The world of humanity is such a mess because truth is not the priority for enough people. Power, money, the ego are prioritized by many, and so the truth is buried, hidden under layers of untruths. As Mercury Retrograde in Libra reminds us, only truth is where balance and harmony is found. If the world is out of balance, and it certainly is, it’s because the truth is not held in the highest regard, but instead is being restricted.

The Sun in Virgo also connects with Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn on September 18, 2022 11:57 pm ET. This reminds us of how people, especially business people, politicians and those in positions of power and authority use a systematic approach to achieving goals. Sometimes the methods are destructive as they set a plan and course of action in motion that can steamroll anything in its way to ensure the goal is achieved, as if the end goal justifies any means to getting it. With Mercury Retrograde now as well trickery and biases could be increased and so it is wise to put extra effort into being smart and noticing the methods and patterns set out by those with big goals. What other people want, may not be what you really want. Pay attention to the details for important insights, instead of dismissing them without a second thought. The patterns of behavior can wake a lot of people up this week.


Mercury Retrograde in Libra is opposite Jupiter Retrograde in Aries on September 18, 2022 6:33 pm ET. Conflicts of information and beliefs can cause a shift in balance now, especially in relationships. A lot of people are disconnected from others now, as people are disagreeing on so many subjects that have intentionally been designed to emphasize duality and manifest conflict. What some thought and believed, could do a total reversal, causing a great shakeup.

With Mercury Retrograde the trickster is especially emphasized with Jupiter. One sided points of view can be exaggerated and pushed, causing division. It’s best to slow down and think before reacting, and to seek how to resolve conflicts to bring harmony back to our lives. Talk of “misinformation” claims could be a reversal trick used by those that are actually pushing the misinformation as a method of hiding something from being revealed. What is out of balance in how the education system and media influence people’s mindsets is likely to be investigated further with Mercury the sleuth in action. Talk of war in the media is likely and we could also see more talk of big shifts in value of food and money.

Venus in Virgo is in conflict with Mars in Gemini September 16, 2022 2:48 pm ET. This is not a good time to say anything that could be offending, especially about someone’s physical appearance. Picky, critical and judgmental attitudes in all types of relationships can cause tension. Pushing people’s buttons and boundaries can create conflict. What is thought, said and acted upon can increase tension in relationships. You may need to bite your tongue.

Venus in Virgo also connects with The Destiny Point in Taurus September 17, 2022 5:26 pm ET. An organized approach to money and the material world in all its perspectives can have a significant influence on the future now. A second opinion can be valuable. Decisions associated with women this week can give us clues to the future.

Mars in Gemini connects with Chiron in Aries September 17, 2022 11:54 pm ET. Aggressive, strong words can have an impact on people’s identity now. With Mercury Retrograde in Libra this week, it’s wise to think twice before saying or doing anything. Egos can be empowered or harmed depending on what is said and done now.

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