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This week the Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Libra together where minds and hearts seek, speak and value truth and justice.

Venus will conjunct the Sun in Libra on October 22, 2022 at 5:17 pm ET. This is a good time to share love and light for positive personal relationships.

Venus and the Sun in Libra also connect with Mars in fellow air sign Gemini and be in challenge to Pluto in Capricorn this week. Actions taken by leaders need the influence truth and justice to bring wisdom and balance.

Mercury in Libra will connect with Chiron and Saturn this week reminding us that we need to think about peace and speak about peace to make it a reality. Thoughts become things.


Saturn stations Direct in Aquarius October 23, 2022 12:07 am ET.

Saturn is finally going to finish up in Aquarius since entering in March 2020, now heading direct for the next few months into March of 2023 before entering Pisces.

Saturn in Aquarius puts focus on authoritative power via corporate, political, scientific and technological structure and control over society.

How can we change reality? Information, thoughts and ideas manifests into reality. Each one of us is responsible for contributing to the collective consciousness.

Saturn in Aquarius is the time to think about what reality authority figures are manifesting through the power of influencing the collective mindset. This is the time to look at all that has taken place since Saturn entered Aquarius in 2020, and ask questions. Is the future that those in positions of authority are pushing toward, what humanity really wants collectively?

Responsible, logical, intelligent choices are required when we’re dealing with the strange realm of Aquarius.

If anything, Saturn in Aquarius has shown us the power of choices and decisions that authority figures have over society, including corporations as power figures, rich elitists, politicians, and oligarchs. The power of information and technology over our society has become obvious.

We’ve seen a lot of examples that it’s not the facts of information that matters most, it’s the control of information and perceptions, and who in authority says what does and doesn’t matter that seems to be what counts.

Saturn in Aquarius has shown us major restrictions of society and with Saturn associated with control, and air sign Aquarius is associated to the mind, it’s been no surprise at the level of control over information by authority figures. Efforts of mind control through censorship has been restricting what people can say and think outside what is permitted by authority figures. Aquarius associated with technology, and Saturn here is right in line with digital ID controls, and a Big Brother system slowly being implemented in the structure of society to control the collective.

Of course with Pluto in Capricorn, of which Saturn rules Capricorn, shows us just how destructive the forces of power, ego and dominance are operating through the political and business sectors. Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that so much of what manifests our reality is hidden behind the scenes. Revelations of deep corruption uncovered keep piling up, increasing the potential for revolutionary changes.

We can expect hard push for controls over the collective going forward with Saturn in Aquarius. The solution for the collective is to reduce overwhelming and overbearing controls is to tap into the rebellious, independent side of Aquarius that puts humanity first, and to keep speaking the truth – which is a revolutionary act in times of deceit.


Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio on October 23, 2022.

First Venus enters Scorpio at 3:52 am ET then the Sun enters Scorpio at 6:36 am ET.

Scorpio is the sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto reminding us of how Scorpio is associated with sex, death, transformation, and the hidden, unknown depths of our subconscious mind and emotions.

Scorpio is also associated with money that is connected with other people and organizations, like banks, loans, and taxes. The Sun in Scorpio brings more awareness to the financial system that is hidden and unknown to most people. Most people don’t really know much about the activity that goes on behind the scenes, as it’s either too complicated for many to understand or it is intentionally hidden because there is crime or corruption involved. The hidden side of the stock market, trade deals, how money is spent in the big leagues behind the scenes, especially associated with underhanded tactics, lies and crime will have light shed on them during this period. Money laundering activities are likely to be exposed. And, with Mars in Gemini we are likely to hear more talk about the financial interests associated with war and how that guides actions and strategies in the bigger picture.

Venus in Scorpio reminds us to look at our values, what we have and what we want. Looking at the symbolism of sexuality going from Virgo, then Libra and Scorpio, we have the strong contrast on the balancing scales between the preserved and reserved virgin in Virgo on one side, and the all-out slutty whore in Scorpio on the other side. Venus in Scorpio can reveal jealousy and envy when she doesn’t get what she wants in sexual relationships.

In current trends, the PayPal’s debacle last week shows further indication of the direction of banking and finance in society associated with Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus and the Destiny Point in Taurus, where corporations can create new policies and rules deciding to cancel, withhold or take money from users if they don’t like someone’s opinion shared on social media. Of course this all fits in with the mind-control of Saturn in Aquarius. The major corporations certainly seem to be directed by an overarching, consolidated global theme behind the scenes, getting the big companies to be a force in society that implements a social credit system one step forward and one step back at a time, to reach their goal of control.