Jupiter Retrograde leaves Aries and enters Pisces October 28, 2022 1:10 am ET. Jupiter will be Retrograde in Pisces until November 23, 2022.

Jupiter and Neptune are both rulers of Pisces, and both will be in Pisces during this period.

The transition of a planet from one sign to another can signify a major shift of energy that is noticeable, such as through an event. With Jupiter being global, we could see events on the world stage and in the media associated with Aries and Pisces with BIG events connected with Fire and Water, endings and beginnings. Floods could be big news.


This time can ask us to be more compassionate and caring toward others, especially those that are suffering. Karma, forgiveness and empathy are also associated with Pisces. We could see more examples of people in pain and suffering, but many may internalize and hide what they really feel inside. The internalization can be excessive for some with an abundance of regrets.

Religious and spiritual identity and beliefs about the meaning of life and the afterlife are emphasized. It is the soul that is of importance now. Christian beliefs are especially associated with Pisces which could go through a change, perhaps a revival for some.

Themes of sacrifice, saviors as well as false saviors are most likely to be emphasized, talked about and contemplated during this period.

With Pisces signifying endings, death and the afterlife we could also see more about a big wave of excess deaths, but because Jupiter rules media, and Pisces is secretive, the media will likely put in big efforts to hide it. Neptune in Pisces now also, is associated with poison liquids so we might see more about that as well. We could also see the death of a major, well known religious figure during this period. Exaggerations of deaths could also be revealed as a deceptive practice, especially where media is concerned with ratings or pushing certain ideologies for financial benefit.

Opinions and beliefs about the larger picture of reality will change. People will see themselves differently. We could see corporate media messaging that creates conflicting issues of beliefs while Jupiter is Retrograde. Religious leaders could backtrack on previous ideologies and beliefs, or change their point of view significantly. We could see a lot of reversals during this period, including deceptions with Neptune in Pisces as well.

Major secrets could flood consciousness now. “Conspiracy theories” that seemed too big to believe could actually be revealed to be true in a big way. We could see the veil of fog lifted and deceptions exposed. Research on occult connections throughout history could lead to major realizations.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces also indicates looking back on the past and to view history from a higher perspective with wisdom. Karma and justice for what was in the past is looked at from a broader point of view and can change what people now believe.

We also have Mars in Gemini at this time indicating an information war is on and the battle of minds is heightened. Mars Retrograde in Gemini on October 30, 2022 shifts perspectives and actions. Backtracking on what was said and done is likely to create quite a fuss.

Issues of long distance travel, especially by air or ship, could also make the news during this period.

As Jupiter finishes Retrograde and stations Direct in Pisces on November 23, 2022, Jupiter direct will enter Aries again on December 20, 2022.

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