There will be a Full Moon in Taurus with a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon on November 8, 2022 at 6:01 am ET at exactly 16.00 Degrees of Taurus, just in time for the big day with the mid-term elections in the US. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse will last about an hour and a half in its darkest phase. It will best be seen in western North America, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Eastern Australia and Asia.

Full Moon’s emphasize the combination of emotions and ego, and the potential for conflict of mixed oppositions. Feelings can reach a climax point.

Eclipses remind us of what is hidden and to look more closely into what is usually unknown and unseen. Something highly significant can be revealed with a Full Moon eclipse, something that needs to be seen.

A lot more people could wake up to hidden aspects of reality as we go from the New Moon in Scorpio Solar Eclipse to the Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse. The Eclipse reminds us to consider what is hidden. This can be a major turning point where what is usually hidden in the dark, is the catalyst to turning on a bright light of realization.

This Full Moon in Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse can mark a climactic point in time.


What does Taurus want most? To have security; to feel grounded and rooted in the here and now with stability and resources available to have, to build and to work toward manifesting goals.

This Full Moon in Taurus is opposite the Sun in Scorpio. Opposite the Full Moon are Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Sun on November 8th, and Venus is also close to the Sun in Scorpio.

This is a time to think more deeply about the reality that humanity is manifesting in the world, collectively. Who is most in control of what reality becomes and are we being responsible in the future we are creating?

We also have Uranus in Taurus in close conjunction to this Full Moon in Taurus, and The Destiny Point in Taurus is also nearby. A strong desire for freedom is indicated, especially freedom from all the restrictions of information imposed by authority figures, tech giants, and media Saturn in Aquarius represents. Social controls and methods of using information to influence the minds of the collective is at strong odds with the freedom this Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse represents.

We can expect money and security to be a main emphasis with this Full Moon in Taurus. With the Destiny Point and Uranus in Taurus, energy, resources, the environment, financial security, and personal security of your own body are especially in focus. The push of technology dominating the future, including biotechnology has been noticeably restricting our society since Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020.

Taurus is also known to be patient, but with Mars in Gemini at the horns of Taurus, the bull could be especially aggressive and ready to fight.

With Mars Retrograde in Gemini now, the battle of information is shifting. With Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Scorpio, ruled by Mars, this indicates the information battle is in strong focus. Big money, and dirty money is the crux of it all of course. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio in Capricorn reminds us that what we discover around the time of this Full Moon could transform the political and economic landscape. Expect exposure and cover ups of corruption to be in the spotlight. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

This Full Moon can indicate emotionally driven arguments, struggles and battles of words and “swords” can open the potential for greater awareness.

After this Full Moon in Taurus we are heading toward the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23, 2022.