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Neptune Direct in Pisces December 3, 2022. NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope November 28 to December 4, 2022

Astrology reveals a lot of potentials and shows us a lot of signs to pay attention to in the bigger picture. Here I share interpretations with possibilities to consider this week. Thank you for being here and for sharing this week’s Horoscope with your friends online.

Last week we had the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd and Jupiter also stationed direct in Pisces on the 23rd. People’s beliefs about the world are changing significantly now. We are in a time of change and growth to seek your vision and your higher aim in life, with extra attention to the spiritual purpose for your life. It’s time to dream and visualize to see the world with a more mystical perspective and explore bigger ideas about existence, like the possibilities of the quantum realm. This is time to learn and explore ideas to expand your vision of reality and what’s possible for your life to places far beyond your everyday view.

This is the time for a powerful surge of compassion, and understanding that our lives have real meaning beyond just the material, where we tap into a higher, spiritual level of existence. Humanity is now at a turning point where we recognize life on a soul level and how important it is to have love and compassion for all who are suffering in the world. This is the time to use your ability to fantasize and to use your imagination to see a future where the world is less egocentric and more spiritual, where nurturing the meaning of life with your soul, and kindness and care is prioritized and valued. This is a time to seek what forgiveness means.


This week starts off with Mercury in Sagittarius, Mars Retrograde in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius making connections to one another on November 28th and 29th.

Words can be powerful and convincing, but actions can speak louder than words. Though we could see positive shifts, especially regarding authoritarian controls over the global social order, we are also likely to see contradictions where what is said or promised on the surface doesn’t really coincide with behavior or actions.

Changes to what people think and believe around the world as a global collective are likely to manifest due to a push against the control, restrictions and limitations over society and the mind that Saturn in Aquarius represents.

The future is created by what we imagine, and when we follow our thoughts through with actions it manifests that vision into reality. We are reminded that we need to think differently and have a better vision of the future, because we are in an information war on the mind that is working hard to convince billions of people’s minds to expect and manifest a dystopian version of the future ruled by a few rich and powerful dictators in a plutocracy.

In this situation, Saturn represents fear and the authoritarian slave master, and Aquarius represents the collective of all of humanity, where freedom is suppressed and restricted due to Saturn.

So, this is a reminder to use the power of your mind to imagine a future that is free from authoritarian restrictions that are damaging humanity and intended to destroy our future, and to take the steps now to manifest the positive changes we want to see in the world. The information propagated to the world through the news and social media has been intentionally framed and designed to socially engineer society for the benefit of a few of the richest. The efforts to get a stronghold on what we think and believe has been created with billions of dollars, and it is obviously only manifesting chaos and despair for billions. We need to take charge of our own thoughts and think differently to create a different vision for humanity.

If you want to see a clear example of what Saturn represents, watch the film “Manufactured Landscapes.” That is definitely not the future we want, nobody wants to live like that, but it is just a taste of the vision those in positions of authority do want to manifest for the rest of us in their quest for power, domination and supremacy. What has been happening in the world reminds us of the story of Atlantis – where the use of technology was so advanced but was used negatively ultimately leading to destruction. We are at a time where we can see that the intention to use technology to abuse and enslave the people is becoming more and more revealed. Those following along and consenting to a destructive path of doom and destruction foisted on humanity by narcissistic egotists, whether consciously or out of ignorance to what’s really going on, only hastens humanity getting drawn into becoming enslaved by a technocratic global dictatorship agenda. To change and prevent this direction from becoming a reality, humanity needs to choose a different vision for the future and take action to create a different reality where truth and freedom reigns for all.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, where Pluto is now since 2008, and we’re in the midst of the Pluto Return of America. So much is being revealed now, more people can see the raw truth of how power is used in the world. Instead of choosing to go down a path of destruction, we can instead purge the world of the evil, wickedness and negativity that is intended to plague us, so we and the world can be renewed.

Saturn represents fear and depression which we’ve had so much of since Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020. Forced masks, big brother technocratic oversight, cancelling people and online censorship are each prime representations of authority silencing information to restrict what is revealed and known. Mars Retrograde here reminds us to take charge, to think differently and act differently to create change.

We are reminded to become more informed (Mercury) of the truth of history (Sagittarius) of wars (Mars) and authoritarianism (Saturn) in the world so we can make decisions that do not repeat the fate of taking us down a path of destruction. We can choose a different future than the one they are working hard to create.

Actions often speak louder than words and Mars Retrograde in Gemini also reminds us that sometimes it is time to stop talking and start taking action.

  • Mars Retrograde trine Saturn November 28, 2022 12:55 pm ET.
  • Mercury opposite Mars November 29, 2022 3:30 pm ET.
  • Mercury sextile Saturn November 29, 2022 11:17 pm ET.

Venus in Sagittarius is opposite Mars Retrograde in Gemini on December 1, 2022 12:27 am ET. This can cause tension in relationships, but of course tensions can also lead to passions as Venus and Mars are cosmic lovers where opposites attract. The active and receptive forces of duality fuel connections and passions this week. If you’re having relationship problems now, trying a different approach is suggested, particularly if irritation is misplaced or causes aggression, a more reserved and less aggressive approach that Venus represents can create space for more harmony. Good humor of laughing with someone rather than laughing at someone can shift energy for the better.

Also on December 1, 2022 Mercury in fiery Sagittarius is in a difficult position to watery Neptune at 8:07 pm ET. Different people have different worldviews, especially about topics like religion and politics. What is said now may not make a lot of sense, and could be quite confusing, especially the bigger topics like the meaning of life and the ways of the world. But challenging thoughts and ideas are worth contemplating, as they can reveal information that is usually hidden and overlooked.

Communications could be quite disorderly and misunderstanding are likely. It’s not the best time to trust just any thought or idea that may be presented to you. Sometimes people are dishonest so caution is suggested where it comes to what to believe. A creative outlet that doesn’t require much order could be a better use of time now.

Neptune stations Direct in Pisces December 3, 2022 7:15 pm ET.

The change of direction for Neptune in Pisces indicates a time of changing perspectives. This further supports imagining a different future as we head forward. We could see a lot revealed this week that has been hidden deep below the surface. Deception’s can reverse now, and show us what’s really true.

This is a wise time to connect to spirituality and creativity. Practicing visualization can be magical, and dreams could be quite vivid and meaningful.

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Jupiter also stationed Direct in Pisces last week.

The Sun in Sagittarius connects with Chiron in fellow fire sign Aries December 4, 2022 2:12 pm ET. What you know and believe about the world, and what you know and believe about yourself defines your perception of identity. This is the time to learn more about yourself and reach for your higher goals. Be true to yourself and take aim at creating the world that resonates with who you know yourself to be at your best. A greater vision of yourself can create a greater experience of life.