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Last week we had Mars Retrograde station Direct in Gemini on January 12th, and coincidentally right around that time we saw tables turn in the information battle with the discovery of key documents in suspicious locations. This while Mercury is still Retrograde in Capricorn indicating particular focus on hidden information and investigations in the political realm; it’s like it’s all a synchronized script sent across the airwaves.

We also had the interesting connection associating the timing of the outage causing airlines to come to a halt last week, with Mars (action, machinery) coming to standstill in air sign Gemini along with Jupiter in Aries (ruled by Mars) as Jupiter is associated with air travel. Mercury also Retrograde in Capricorn, signifying issues in information exchanges the big leagues of corporate power and bureaucracy. With these astrological signs, it could signify this event being related to a larger battle of power that’s going on behind the scenes. Read more from last week’s horoscope.

This week is active, as Mercury Retrograde will station Direct on Wednesday and we have the Sun entering Aquarius on Friday before the New Moon in Aquarius Saturday. Uranus also stations Direct in Taurus on Sunday to finish the week.


The Sun will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 18, 2023 9:44 am ET. This indicates a strong spotlight on the truth that is hidden behind the scenes. A strong desire for change, to purge negativity and to see the light is highlighted as the Sun is ready to enter Aquarius. Topics about life (the Sun) and death (Pluto) are sure to be talked about, especially associated to celebrities and those in leadership positions. We could see evidence unearthed that changes what people believe about the world and how it is run. Shifts in reputations are likely. Perhaps more people will realize the world and humanity does not belong to plutocrats.

In your own business or career this can be a time to create significant changes in your goals that impacts your future. Getting rid of anything that is not good for you or has been dimming your light is suggested. Your perception of what time and money is worth may change.

Mercury Retrograde stations Direct in Capricorn January 18, 2023 8:12 am ET

After the past few weeks of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, this week Mercury goes Direct and will connect with the Destiny Point in Taurus on January 22, 2023 4:32 pm ET. This is the time to think differently about all that we’ve seen and learned since Mercury went Retrograde on December 29, 2022.

After much information has been revealed over the past few weeks, a change in mind is likely for many now, especially in terms of what we think about that really matters to our lives. Goals can change now as we see how the world operates. What you thought was important and worth aiming for, may no longer seem what it used to. Now different goal can be on your mind. The climb up the mountain toward the big leagues where money, power and egos are in control, may seem like an old way of thinking about the world that you don’t like as much now.

As Mercury changes directions, this is a time to meditate on setting goals that connect your mind and body to the natural world. From that perch, you can set off in new directions. Think more about where you are coming from and where you are going at this time.

Along with the Sun conjunct Pluto this week, with Mercury Retrograde finishing in Capricorn this may be the time to shed old skin. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are always worth considering with special attention when Mercury is Retrograde so it is best to be clear in all forms of communication. Mistakes and errors that were made while Retrograde can be clarified and corrected heading forward.


The Sun enters Aquarius January 20, 2023 3:30 am ET.

We are reminded of the desire to find a path to freedom and to overcome obstacles that put blockages and restrictions on personal and collective freedoms. Happy Birthday Aquarius!

New Moon in Aquarius January 21, 2023 3:53 pm ET

Let’s all hope this is a new beginning that shifts us into a future with freedom. The whole world has been through the wringer since Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020 with decisions that have restricted life in countless ways. Humanity can decide differently, and choose to make the future different than it has been planned for us. This is a time to find new ideas and solutions to make life happier. However, the solutions technology and those in authority impose from the top down due to Saturn in Aquarius now, can wake a lot more people up to seeing a way to rise above the fear and negativity that has been dominating the air waves.

Expect ideas, insights and new ways of seeing things to come on suddenly, like a lightning flash in the thunderstorm. Eureka moments and synchronicity are in the air. Pay attention to the clues that spark.

Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius on January 22, 2023 5:12 pm ET. This is a wise time to be honest about the real reasons you are in a relationship. The desire for stability and the desire for freedom are at the forefront to consider now. If you are stuck in a relationship, rather than desiring to be in a relationship, this is the time to think about how that really makes you feel. Some people are in relationships because of social expectations and peer pressure. This is also a time to think about your authority over your own body, rather than letting others have that power over you.

Uranus stations Direct in Taurus January 22, 2023 5:58 pm ET.

We could see shifts in the energy/environment/science/technology sector tied to money going forward. The eye of the storm has been centered around global powers establishing their order with Saturn in Aquarius, but at the expense of humanity’s freedom. Uranus is the rebel and wants freedom from restrictions, limitations and impositions by authority. We’ll see this struggle for freedom increase as people make decisions to build the future in different ways, rather than the demands of only one way. Innovative ways of protesting to spread a message of awakening are likely to increase and build momentum. Be true to yourself as you work on making your future freer. Uranus will be Direct in Taurus until August 29, 2023.

Thank you for being here and for sharing these horoscopes with your friends online.