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Last week, we had the big reveal about corporate power and intention of directing evolution. Of course, many have suspected as much for years with many red flags pointing the way, but now it’s finally edging into the mainstream consciousness. Directing Evolution is certainly fitting of these times with Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus. With Jupiter in Aries and Mars now Direct in Gemini, the information battles continue.

This week we have the Full Moon in Leo with the Sun in Aquarius on February 5, 2023 putting a spotlight on people’s personalities and behavior, especially celebrities, entertainers and well known leaders from bosses to politicians. Drama and theatrics are emphasized. More on the Full Moon in Leo this week.

The Sun in Aquarius connects with Chiron in Aries February 1, 2023 2:26 pm ET. Who do you want to be in the future? How can you heal your wounds from the past so you can use that greater awareness of yourself to help others heal their wounds? How can you make the future brighter by being true to yourself and leading by example? Using positive words and actions can help improve yourself and your relationships now.

Venus in Pisces connects with the Destiny Point in Taurus February 2, 2023 4:50 pm ET. This is a well suited time for those that are creative and imaginative to dream up and make plans for the future. With a relationship to nature you can get grounded and rooted in the now so you can create your own natural flow from stable ground. Key experiences and pivotal events now can be associated to your love life. Meeting someone new can feel like synchronicity that’s meant to be.

The Sun in Aquarius challenges ruling planet Uranus in Taurus February 3, 2023 9:50 pm ET. This week could bring important reveals about the future especially regarding money, technology, energy and the environment. Uranus the rebel dislikes restriction and wants freedom. A lot of people are still oblivious to the system of technological control that is being implemented and imposed upon society especially notable since Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020. Now the Sun here brings the spotlight to the information permeating our social world. With new information that pushes against the fray, more people just might wake up and choose collective freedom, instead of consenting to collective suppression Saturn in Aquarius indicates. Asking questions brings wisdom and can inspire sudden realizations. Are the multiple crises being pushed into the collective mindset reality, or are they intentionally manufactured as part of a larger long-term plan to manifest a particular future?

Venus in Pisces challenges Mars February 4, 2023 10:28 p ET. This could be an emotional time in relationships especially. Disagreements, gossip and jealousy can cause rifts, but opens the potential to choose compassion and understanding from a higher place of wisdom. This is a reminder to make love, not war. Wherever aggressive thoughts and actions against beliefs are present, compassion and caring, listening and being receptive and understanding can disarm hostilities.


Full Moon in Leo February 5, 2023 1:28 pm ET.

The Full Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius brings the spotlight to the ego identity as seen as an individual and also as part of a group. The big focus is on personal empowerment. Are you empowered in yourself to think, decide and act of your own free will, or are you giving your power to anyone and everyone else outside and around you to decide who you are, what you think and how you express yourself? This can be a time to have a look at your self confidence.

Creative types and artists that want to be seen or to express their personality fully can find this time well suited. Being seen for who you really are by groups and friends can boost confidence and give you comfort. Those that might not want to be on display, or those that may feel stifled in their self expression (such as if Saturn is in Leo in your natal chart) might get exposure in the spotlight they hadn’t expected. It’s up to you whether you feel embarrassed about yourself, or if you have strength and self empowerment to stand tall with your head held high. A Leo Full Moon encourages a boost of self esteem.

Issues in relationships and personality conflicts that need to be addressed could stand out and be more obvious this week. Peer pressure or opinions from groups, friends or society, where others may hold you back from shining true to yourself, could prompt a stronger need for personal freedom.

Someone in a leadership positions could get a lot of attention on center stage. Behavior and attitudes will be notable. What is on display this week can reveal a lot about who someone is. Drama is likely to get lots of attention. Is it all a show?

Leo also brings attention to fun and games, hobbies and the enjoyment of life which is represented best by the higher energy and enthusiasm of younger generations. Gambling, lotteries and entertainment for the older generation could also get attention.

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