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Last week, we just had the Full Moon in Leo. We’ve seen dramatic display of balloon’s, a Grammy performance clearly demonstrating Pluto in Capricorn, along with a major earthquake. And now after the balloon’s we’re hearing more about unidentified flying objects and some pointing to the question of aliens – how very Aquarius. Mercury in Aquarius is also thinking about the future. We’ll hear more about artificial intelligence influencing our social world. It’s also interesting how eggs, a prime symbol of the cycle of life, are in focus now.

This week we have a lot of focus on Aquarius and Pisces and the Sun enters Pisces on February 18th. Air and water qualities are in larger focus. The future, technology, energy, space, science, the unknown and mysterious are getting more attention.

Mars still in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries indicates the information war and battle talks continue to be emphasized now.

Venus in Pisces is in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces February 15, 2023 7:25 am ET. This can feel like a time that requires cleansing and purification. The love of wisdom, philosophy, and creative arts is heightened. Femininity, intuition and spirituality are valued.


The Sun in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius February 16, 2023 11:48 am ET. Knowing the plans and being prepared for the future is in the spotlight. Awareness of what time and effort has been manifesting and establishing will be clearer. Artificial Intelligence and the use of technology influencing the social world is highlighted. This can bring more awareness about how authority figures are involved in controlling plans for the future. Censorship and heavy handed controls over what people think and say are in focus.

Mercury in Aquarius challenges Destiny Point February 16, 2023 4:34 pm ET. Any challenges now will benefit from thinking about the future. The direction of technology, the environment, and finance impacting our future is up for debate. Arts and sciences could send a conflicting message. Issues and concerns with energy, fuel, food and resources get attention.

Mercury in Aquarius connects with Jupiter February 17, 2023 9:13 pm ET. Information and messages now can wake people up in a big way. Big talk and announcements by leaders are likely. Solutions with the future in mind. Big talk of war is likely. Egos boasting. A big message that reaches the collective can open perspectives on the future. Seeing someone for who they really are is likely.


The Sun enters Pisces February 18, 2023 5:35 pm ET.

With the Sun in Pisces we are at the end of the astrological cycle, with spring renewal just a month away. We’ll see a lot more attention on water and all types of associations to water, including fish, during this period. What has been long unknown could come to light now.

Fantasy ideas enter the spotlight. The mysteriousness and meaning of life comes into question. Spirituality can spark divine awareness and connection to something beyond the physical senses. The unknown depths of space and the depths of the ocean symbolize how far reaching our imagination can go. Illusions and delusions could also be on display. What true and what’s fantasy? Awareness of deception can light up the search for truth.

Once we arrive at Pisces, we have evolved and gained wisdom in our journey through the zodiac. Life lessons through a multitude of experiences, has us realize there is more to existence, beyond the limits of our own egos.

After learning all we have through the karmic cycle, this is the time to use your imagination to envision a reality that suits you on a higher level of consciousness. Seeking wisdom beyond the ego, surrendering bad karma and living a more enlightened life is encouraged now to add light to the world.

Creative, dreamy, poetic, musical, artistic types reach deeper into the mists of imagination.

Venus in Pisces sextile Pluto February 19, 2023 12:04 pm ET 29

This indicates a transformation of one’s image. What you imagine you can create. What do you desire to change and manifest? How does love, spirituality and wisdom change the material world? Love evolves who we really are. Love, care and compassion heals.

A female celebrity, political or corporate power figure could signify a change. Love and compassion can dissolve illusionary perceptions of money, wealth, ego and power. Skepticism helps uncover reality. With Venus connecting with Pluto in Capricorn transsexualism is likely to be discussed.

Next week, we have the New Moon in Pisces on Monday, February 20th for a new beginning. Intuition, creativity and spirituality start fresh. Trust your instincts. The mystical side of life can feel closer.

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