Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Aries March 2, 2023

You can look up to the western sky after sunset to see Venus and Jupiter getting close in conjunction this week.

Venus in Aries is in close conjunction to Jupiter in Aries on March 2, 2023 at 12:35 am ET. Venus in Aries is also conjunct Chiron in Aries on March 2, 2023 at 12:47 pm ET. Venus and Jupiter are considered the most positive, auspicious planets in astrology. When they connect look for positive omens and signs in your life. Love is the greatest gift. Being generous and loving, can turn a lot of things around. In the sign of Aries, this is the time to be confident in yourself and a good example to others. Being of good fortune to others, can bring the same back to you.

Words and talking can activate relationships. Gossip and talk that is too much, can be turned around by emphasizing being positive. Make love, not war. Aggression can be tamed with a lot of love. Don’t make rash or major decisions on emotions. What is explosive can be defused.

The temptation to buy big luxuries for yourself can lead to excess spending. Make sure it’s worth it and what you really want. A big financial event is possible this week. A female figure could get a lot of attention in the media.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius March 2, 2023

Mercury in Aquarius is in conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius also on March 2, 2023 at 9:34 am ET. We can expect to hear serious talk and gossip this week about all that has occurred over the past 3 years since Saturn entered Aquarius. As Saturn indicates, it has been a challenging time that has taught everyone collectively, a lot of tough lessons, especially about the power of authority, science, technology, big tech and political/corporate power in relation to humanity. Information that comes out now about such matters could hold a lot of weight. Accountability and responsibility could get a lot of talk.

As Saturn finishes his last few days in Aquarius before entering Pisces, we can see that Artificial Intelligence is now becoming strongly established throughout our online, social experience, and used as a tool influencing perceptions. The intentional social engineering of humanity collectively is a major factor in the development of our world that we all need to be conscious of so we can make informed decisions that are in our best interests, instead of just the interests of the few imposing their authority.


Mercury enters Pisces March 2, 2023 5:52 pm ET.

This is a time for imagination. The power of the minds creative ability to fantasize and dream is a gift. Take note of synchronicities, coincidences and deja vu now, as they can noticeably increase. Repeating numbers and words that stand out just might have a message for you or signify a moment for you to perk up your eyes and ears to pay attention. Intuition and emotional intelligence will help you make best decisions now.

Perceptions are likely to change quickly this week. Information, words and messages can influence sudden changes in feelings. It’s a wise time to be conscious of your karma, to forgive and to let go of old thoughts and patterns that are best left in the past. It’s time to think about life from a philosophical, metaphysical perspective and seek higher meaning in life.

Your mind on creative pursuits, arts, crafts, music, dancing, and meditation could create great internal, personal shifts. Tap into as much wisdom as you can, as fast moving Mercury will only be in Pisces for a couple of weeks until March 19, 2023.

Investigative types just might find and reveal a whole lot of hidden information. Deceptions can be more obvious, especially as Mercury gets closer to Neptune in Pisces on March 16, 2023. A lot more attention on water, liquids and vapors is likely.

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