Saturn officially leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces March 7, 2023 at 8:35 am ET, about an hour after the Full Moon in Virgo. Saturn will be in Pisces for almost 3 years, until February 14, 2026.

This astrology report discusses some of the many possibilities, perspectives and themes associated with Saturn in Pisces over the next three years.

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Saturn is a major power player in the grand scheme of plans manifested in the world, and a lot of events are noticeably timed with its influence. It is the transpersonal and outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) that have broader association to societal affairs that influences humanity when we are looking at the signs of the times we are living in.

Over the past 3 years with Saturn in Aquarius since March 2020 and all that has happened socially, scientifically, politically and technologically we are winding down a cycle and merging into a new one with Saturn now entering Pisces. Linking the technological, scientific, futuristic symbolism of Aquarius and ancient, mythic Pisces with politically power heavy Saturn, the collective experience and shifts can feel like we’re living in a repeating timeline of the height and collapse of civilization like the story of Atlantis.

Notably, in Pisces, the day Uranus left Pisces and entered Aries we had the earthquake and tsunami that damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant on March 11, 2011 strongly linking the symbolism of those signs, just a few weeks before Neptune entered Pisces. Saturn and Uranus are both co-rulers of Aquarius. We’ll see if there are any such big signs when Saturn enters Pisces.

Now with Saturn leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces, it’s interesting that we have been seeing talk of UFO’s and aliens just as Saturn (physical structure) is leaving air sign Aquarius (sky, technology, science) and entering water sign Pisces (space, fantasy, illusions, fairy tales, unknown, mysteries). The policies of big tech, social media, and political authority has been a huge focus with Saturn in Aquarius. Now, along with the social constructs, we’re hearing a lot about how Artificial Intelligence is merging with humanity.

Saturn is heavy hitting and can indicate a lot of challenges, and Pisces can be highly confusing and unclear. So, during this period it is highly recommended to consciously work at manifesting the higher expressions of the Pisces energy of love and compassion to help yourself and others overcome the challenges experienced under Saturn’s weight.

Saturn teaches through our lived experience. It is what happens to us and through us that we learn the most. Pisces is the accumulation of our life lessons through our karma, linked to our emotions, feelings, and our beliefs. With Saturn in Pisces we can gain much wisdom. Like a rock in a stream, or an island in the ocean, the obstacles that get in our way, determines the flow of life and we must work our way around them to keep the flow.

Saturn in Pisces can be a major reality check. Why is the world humanity creates the way it is? How much of life is real, and how much of life is due to believing a fantasy?

As reality and illusion, truth, fantasy and deception blend and merge with Saturn in Pisces, knowing for sure what is actually true and what is a matter of imagination can be challenging and unclear.


While Saturn is concerned with building stronger reinforcements to established order, Pisces is a water sign and can dissolve the structure, order and control of strict, heavy handed Saturn over time.

Saturn in Pisces is like a concrete city metropolis of towering buildings and street lights timed to systematically keep order for the flow of traffic suddenly hit with a tsunami, flooded to the brim causing chaos and disorder, all the structures and systems becomes impossibly useless, unable to function. With Saturn in Pisces, a lot of the time, effort and work that went into the development of past systems and beliefs could be washed away. Determination to keep things contained and protected, like sand bags on the rising riverbank is Saturn’s struggle to maintain order.

Saturn is the physical manifestation in the watery, mystical, endless abyss of Pisces. The pyramids alignment to stars in space, The Flood and Noah’s Ark, or the mountain that rises out of the sea are reminiscent of Saturn in Pisces.

In a more spiritual context that Pisces represents, as the last sign of the zodiac Pisces signifies the karma we have accumulated throughout our journey in life, and endings including death and perspectives on the afterlife. Saturn is the headstone remaining in the graveyard, while Pisces is the memories and imaginings of the soul.

Whereas Saturn is concerned with attachments to the ego and materialism, as ruler of Capricorn, Pisces goes beyond such limits and reaches to the spiritual mysteries of existence where the ego is dissolved. With the political, corporate and religious aspect Saturn in Pisces represents, the idea of gaining the whole world but losing one’s soul could come in to question for more people during this period.

Saturn in Pisces both signify life lessons, indicating the concept of reincarnation of the soul back into the 3D physical world, like what some perceive earth as a soul-trap, with a recycling of souls until one learns the lessons, consciously and decidedly paying the price necessary to spiritually evolves out of the earth school. Alternatively, Saturn in Pisces can signify manifesting heaven on earth, bringing higher consciousness, love, compassion and spirituality down into the physical plane of existence to be experienced.


Saturn is most well known to represent authority, money, corporate and political power, order and control, policies, rules, processes, and systems that are old, solid and established. In watery Pisces will the old ways, old traditions, old patterns, old systems that have been strongly established be washed away? Will people no longer believe in or support the way things used to be? Rules that Saturn represents can be important for keeping order, consistency and structure like the laws of physics and math. But when it comes to political and social rules, we’ve already seen so many examples of how rules are bent to the will of egos, used subjectively, rather than objectively, and are not really set in stone depending on the status or political affiliation of the subject. We often see how rules and laws are applied to some people but hypocritically no longer apply to others, particularly notable for those in positions of authority.

Saturn is the reaper, associated to karma – you reap what you sow.

Saturn was the last known planet for centuries before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered. As such, Saturn was the “be all, end all” signifying the end, and therefore death and the underworld. Here in Pisces, Saturn represents karmic endings, karmic debts, duties, accountability, and responsibility. Saturn demands debts are paid, and one faces the consequences of what they have done.

Saturn in Pisces can indicate acceptance, judgment and forgiveness in facing the truth. However, for anything has been purposefully, deceptively and intentionally done that has caused harm and deemed unforgivable, we could see a rocky, crashing of waves standing in judgment.

We can expect a lot of revelations of hidden secrets, especially associated to those in high positions in society with a lot going on deep below the surface. Will corruption that is strongly established and systemically embedded in society come to judgment? Will money laundering operations and secretive plans by rich and powerful oligarchs be revealed? Will the financial system be flooded or dissolved, altering the flow of currency?

As Saturn is associated to time and the Greek Chronos, we are reminded that Saturn demands debts are paid on schedule – it’s time to pay up. Time keeps on ticking into the future. In fluid, flowing, watery, mystical and metaphysical Pisces, perception of time could seem to be changing, going faster or slower, and synchronicities could seem to hold a lot of significance and meaning. Saturn is like the time keeper on the astronomical clock indicating the signs of the times we are in.


When Saturn was in Aquarius we saw a lot of practical efforts by authority to control people’s minds, thoughts and words by restricting and refuting information through media and social media censorship and cancel culture.

The air element (Aquarius) represents the mind and information exchanges, so there is no wonder we saw strict censorship over the airwaves with Saturn here. We saw people divided, restricted and isolated from each other in the real world socially, further limiting information exchanges. Breathing and masks over mouths and noses were such a major focus, as well as being an identifier of obedience to authority (Saturn) which also has historical associations to slavery giving us further indications of the larger picture.

Saturn wants power and order and will pursue it strictly and relentlessly. Saturn showed us a stern, “No you can’t do that. You must do this, or else.” The collective peer pressure (Aquarius) demanded that people think alike to fit into the group hive-mind. What people thought and talked about, especially regarding politics, science and technology, was a target of censorship to maintain control of the narrative that suited the benefit of those at the top echelons in the hierarchy of political, corporate, financial power (Saturn). We’ve seen a pattern that whenever the finger points to anyone powerful doing anything underhanded or corrupt, denial, dismissal, distraction and repercussions has become an expected, automatic response. Hiding information and labeling anything that indicated the wrong actions of authority figures as “misinformation” is an example of a control method signified by Saturn’s heavy hand.

Now, with Saturn in Pisces we will hear a lot more about brainwashing, where beliefs, become a main target of control. It won’t be just the information people share and think about that will targeted, but what personal beliefs people hold onto, that they have an emotional attachment to that could be scrutinized. We’ll likely see efforts to restrict, control, shape and manifest beliefs that are in line with the official story approved and constructed by authority signified by Saturn. Political and religious authority, leadership and power may merge during this period, but we’ll likely see a lot of people walk away from and let go of their trust in systems and hierarchies of authoritative control.

Religious and spiritual beliefs that are based on faith and feeling will be tested and challenged. We could see restrictions on religious freedoms during this period, and we could see religious establishments close their doors.

When Saturn was in Aquarius we saw more attention on groups, social groups and group-think where society as a collective was expected to think the same as everyone else, or be shunned, ostracized, cancelled or face guilt, shame, revenge or retribution of some sort.

Saturn in Aquarius and Pisces both indicate cult-like leadership and authority.

Far out thinking is associated to Aquarius. The social hive-mind peer pressure of Saturn in Aquarius indicates cults and mind-control. Pisces, as associated to religious beliefs, also corresponds to cults.

Whereas Aquarius would be more about alien, futuristic, new age cults, Pisces would be associated to ancient beliefs and spiritual cult mentality where people may be brainwashed unconsciously, especially through tapping into people’s emotions and feelings and concepts of the afterlife. Drugs, alcohol, false promises, altered perceptions, ideologies, illusions and delusions could be used as a grip over people’s naivety, vulnerability and susceptibility.

As Saturn’s authoritarianism in Pisces can point to strict controls of beliefs, with Saturn so serious, we are also likely to see examples of very strict adherence to beliefs to the point of fanaticism.

Pisces prefers expressions of compassion, care, empathy, sympathy and kindness, but Saturn is not like that at all. Saturn turns the emotional experience of of spirituality into an organized religion with a political hierarchy of power and control, ultimately leading to a dictatorship process reducing the journey of the soul into a fear of consequences. A cold, religious authority figure like a depiction of a nun from a century ago with strict adherence to tradition, countless rules, demands, orders and a panache for discipline and dishing out heavy consequences for disobedience or disbelief is an example of Saturn associated to religious beliefs.


As we are likely to notice a lot associated to brainwashing, people could realize how a lot of history is actually fantasy written by the victors, just the same way the news of today shapes perceptions according to biases. We could learn a lot more about how power and control developed over the ages to where we are now.

Saturn in Pisces indicates a blending of fantasy with reality and asks, “What is reality, and what is an illusion? What is deception, and what is higher truth? How are these ideas merging and blending?” How much of our reality that we think is real, is actually made up to make us believe it is real?

With Pisces being like smoke, fog and clouds, confusion and a lack of clarity of what is real and true can be lost, where a lot of people just won’t know what to believe. Ideas that people once held onto and believed as true and factual could wash away with Saturn in Pisces, either replaced with something else, or leaving people not knowing what to believe or hold onto anymore. People can feel especially disillusioned asking, “What is true? What can be believed?”

Pisces indicates believing in what is invisible and Saturn here can indicate stubbornly holding firm “as a matter of fact” to beliefs which are merely based on ideas and concepts that may really be nothing more than superficial parroting of hearsay, propaganda, deception and lies.

Beliefs can be convoluted, watered down and diluted to the point that many people often give up trying to make sense of them anymore and just accept whatever is on the surface. Whenever something doesn’t make sense intellectually or intuitively, deeper probing questions into the abyss will need to be asked to reveal what is hidden and find the truth. Saturn asks for facts, figures, processes and procedures, so where things are wishy-washy and don’t add up with Pisces, Saturn can demand to see the evidence. We could see many examples of deliberately skewed data and falsified records while Saturn is in Pisces.


Saturn in Pisces is associated to serious religious beliefs and practices of mysticism like shamanism are also indicated.

Christianity is also linked to Pisces and is likely to be in stronger focus during this period. In this regard, Saturn would be associated to the physical cross, and the resurrection/ascension would be associated to Pisces. With mixed and conflicting forces Saturn in Pisces represents, many will seek a savior and to be saved from authoritarianism. We are likely to see more people praying, singing, dancing, praise and rituals for religious and spiritual purposes in an effort to bring healing to the world.

Wherever there may be demands for restrictions on beliefs, especially religious and spiritual beliefs, we will see a counterculture by those that have strong attachments to traditions and faith. Saturn in Pisces also brings to attention the concept and debate of, “faith without works is dead.”

Learning more about history, especially ancient religious beliefs, ancestors, heritage, family origins, lineage and bloodlines is a likely theme during this period. We could hear more about the backgrounds and what has been hidden throughout history about the most financially powerful authorities operating behind the scenes.

Saturn in Pisces points to occult mysteries, and more people are likely to learn of the ancient ties between occult and political power. Because Pisces is so much about mysteries and fantasies, we could see a lot of revelations about illusions, delusions and deceptions propagated by those in positions of leadership while Saturn is in Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces is organized, timed rituals for mystical, magickal intentions. In this sense, with the secretive, mysterious side of Pisces along with the political influence of Saturn, we could learn a lot more about how freemasonry and such secret societies operate and cause influence in the world behind the scenes.

As a long-standing religious establishment, the power and influence of the Vatican as a social, economic and political force in world affairs is likely to get attention during this period. “All roads lead to Rome.”

Though many will work overtime to keep secrets hidden, more will be revealed. We are likely to learn more about the underlying reasons why the world really is the way it is. How bribery and coercion are used by those in positions of authority is likely to be recognized.

Saturn is associated to the structure of the system, like a physical prison, or a prison for your mind built all around you, so enmeshed and embedded in reality as a part of society that you may not be aware of it.

We are also likely to see a lot more people becoming aware of hidden systems of slavery, and how slavery flows around the world behind the scenes. The Cube of Saturn, soul harvesting, occult beliefs, mythology and related ideologies that are associated to corporate and political powers in the world are likely to be discovered by more people. As people seek greater awareness people are likely to get a crash course in how control over the world works, and discover what Admiralty Law vs. Common Law is really all about.


Synchronicities, deja vu and strange coincidences could also be more potent during this period prompting people to question the structure and organization of reality. Whereas Saturn is organized and repetitive, Pisces is ethereal, curious and leaves you in awe. Frequent and repeating coincidences could seem unbelievable and too odd to ignore as meaningless. Deciphering the message and meaning could be a task, but can lead to eureka moments of wisdom. Psychic phenomenon, telepathy, divination and multiple dimensions of reality are likely to get more attention.

Virtual reality, and perceptions of reality as a matrix or simulation of illusions and beliefs will be more common. As mentioned, Artificial Intelligence and technology has seen a major push while Saturn was in Aquarius, and now with Saturn in Pisces, we are likely to see how Artificial Intelligence merges with and influences our reality. In Pisces questions about sentience, consciousness, spirituality and religious beliefs are likely to get attention. Will Artificial Intelligence be used as an authority, with rules and controls hovering demands of compliance over humanity? Who is programming the rules?

These days, events, situations, plans and products can be, and are, simulated on a computer to estimate the most likely outcomes, like a strong guess or prediction accounting for the most likely variables, before they are implemented and manifested in the real world. A fantasy can become a reality when the structure and support is provided to materialize what is imagined or to instill beliefs. We are likely to hear more about predictive simulations and scenarios influencing the real world.

As Saturn represents fears, in Pisces we are likely to be reminded that “fear is an illusion,” and is often said to be “False Evidence Appearing Real.” How fear has been and is used as a tool of control, along with the emotions like guilt, regret and shame could become more obvious with Saturn in Pisces.

Fears can often be a product of the mind only, and what is feared may never fully materialize now or in the future, but fear can be so strong it can paralyze people from acting and reacting to the flow with whatever occurs. However, fears have an important role in survival and can be beneficial, as a practical preventative and protective measure – where in Pisces, your gut instinct and intuition reminds you to use your senses to understand factors in your environment, such as checking or testing something before you go ahead, like “dipping your toe in the water before you jump in,” you could save yourself from an unwanted experience. Saturn shows us limits and restrictions can be beneficial, reminding us to be cautious and careful because “if you do this, then that could be a possible result or consequence.”

Because our experience of the world can be so subjective, sometimes people aren’t honest with themselves and will pretend something does or doesn’t exist to make themselves feel more comfortable in their own bubble. It is often an unconscious habit of cognitive dissonance. While Saturn is in Pisces, we are likely to see a few bubbles burst, where people get a cold, hard look at reality they were ignoring and denying. Pretending something doesn’t exist when it does can only last so long before reality can’t be denied anymore.

As Pisces can dissolve the structure and system of society, we could see more people giving up clinging to the previous ways of the world. Some will surrender to the flow and accept wherever the main current will take them, while others will try to take hold and have a grasp to be in control of their own reality like a fish swimming upstream.


Whereas with Saturn in air sign Aquarius we saw major focus on restriction of air, with Saturn in Pisces we are likely to see various restrictions and limitations on water.

The use and quality of water could be reduced and limited overall, while transport and shipping by water, boat, ocean, ships, and submarines could be in focus, reduced, limited and restricted. More attention on the physical state of dams and bridges, and their effects on waterways and distribution is likely. We might see dams leak, overflow or break, potentially creating serious floods. Pipelines could be blocked for water and we could also see shortages of oil and gas.

What is in the water? Since Saturn and Pisces both signify endings and death, and Neptune is in Pisces now as well, it won’t be surprising to hear of toxins, poisons and pollution in the water while Saturn is in Pisces, including waterways, oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, wells and drinking water. Aquatic life may be affected, and could lead to issues with fish populations, so we could see fishing restrictions, and claims of reductions in fish populations or massive die offs of aquatic life.


People will also become more conscious of health matters with Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is opposite the sign of practical physical health, Virgo. With the way the corporate medical establishment has been going, more people will want to return to the ways of having a natural, holistic relationship to health and healing.

Whereas Virgo is associated to doctors and nurses, with Pisces it is the metaphysical that is in focus like energy healing, sound therapy, meditation, chakras, visualization, shamanism and such holistic and spiritually centered wellness practices. Yoga is a good example of Saturn in Pisces, with Saturn signifying the physical body, and Pisces associated to the spiritual philosophy.

As mentioned, Saturn represents fears which can correspond to the body and mind. Because there is so much unknown, hidden and to be discovered in Pisces, with Saturn in Pisces underlying and unconscious reasons for worrying can be present. Hypochondria can be a manifestation of this and could become an issue for more people.

Dependence on medications to relieve anxiety and depression may become more evident, however, those that want to rise above the policies, limitations and restrictions of the established system, are likely to seek natural, holistic alternatives to bring calming relief. Essential oils and aromatherapy, herbal tinctures, and homeopathy, juicing, cleansing, detoxing, steams, baths and hydrotherapy are associated to this configuration. Crystals and gemstones could be in focus as Saturn (physical stones) in Pisces (metaphysical concepts) are indicated.

Pisces also indicates fog, smoke, vapor, clouds, rain, gas, leaks, and spills, which could also be associated to toxins impacting health and the environment.

As a water sign liquids are especially signified now. Saturn in Pisces is a reminder to be careful and preventative around water and liquids, chemical, vapors and gases of all types, paint, oil, inks, especially avoiding spills, contact and ingestion. Blockages to liquid flow are indicated, like blood clots and cholesterol blockages.

With the hidden, secretive side of Pisces it wouldn’t be surprising to hear more about poisonings during this period, and with Saturn here such could be strongly linked to authority figures.

What is saturated and flowing in the blood and water is especially indicated with Saturn in Pisces. Attachments to drugs and alcohol are also in strong focus during this period, as people cope with strong feelings and confusion about the world. Liquid drugs and poisons are especially associated to Pisces. Those that may have been the victim of poisons are likely to focus on alternative healing methods and detoxing. Saturn in Pisces can also represent restrictions like what we saw during prohibition.

Of course Saturn creates rules and imposes limitations, so natural health and metaphysical health practices could be a target of authoritarian restrictions during this period as well, further signifying how far removed society has been from having a healthy relationship to the natural world.

8 of Cups = Saturn in Pisces
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Life is a process, a series of steps. Saturn in Pisces is like a refining process for a lot of people to know what they do and do not want in their lives. Facing so much karma that has accumulated in life, it can be a time of dealing with what was to reach higher ground. Many will gain maturity through the experiences and will want to leave behind the challenges and negative karma from the past and move on, seeking an imagined possibility for future.

Saturn says, “No. Enough of that. It’s time to put a stop to that cycle and change directions.” Pisces says, “The tides are changing.”

Those that have been living in a trance or in a state of delusion could get a reality check that sets them on a different path.

We can expect that more people will want to cleanse themselves of the old and established ways of the world, giving up and abandoning attachments to the system. Retreating to heal will be more common.

We are reminded to be the example you want to see in the world. Though many may feel abandoned and alone, to create change, it takes the first step, the first drop to start a flood. The sea has been associated to multitudes of people and there is power in numbers. By being the example of change, others will be encouraged to be a part of the solution.

Many will realize that going along with the demands and participating in the system hasn’t made anything easier in the long run, but has only helped to solidify its power and dominance. Being lead by promises of short term benefits of participating will be recognized as traps that only enhance the long term problems.

As every action leads to a reaction, more people’s stance against what is established and forced, will induce the fear of losing power by those in authority. In battling that tidal wave of a counter-culture resistance, the response by authority is likely to be to strengthen the push to solidify the system against the tide. In essence the battle is a matter of survival and evolution of humanity vs. survival of the authoritative system of imposed power and control over humanity. As old systems are washed away, what is going to replace them?

Leaving the past behind can be cathartic, yet liberating. Karmic mistakes from the past can lead more people to seek and find forgiveness and compassion which is notably characteristic of Pisces.

When all is said and done, through it all, Saturn in Pisces indicates much wisdom will be gained through the trials and tribulations. Give it time, as time heals.

Will the weight of the world hold you down, or will you rise above?

8 of Cups – Saturn in Pisces
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Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2023 to 2026

  • Saturn stations Retrograde in Pisces June 27, 2023 1:27 pm ET
  • Saturn stations Direct in Pisces November 4, 2023 3:03 am ET
  • Saturn stations Retrograde in Pisces June 29, 2024 3:06 pm ET
  • Saturn stations Direct in Pisces November 15, 2024 9:21 am ET
  • Saturn enters Aries temporarily May 24, 2025 11:37 pm ET
  • Saturn stations Retrograde in Aries July 13, 2025 12:07 am ET
  • Saturn Retrograde enters back into Pisces September 1, 2025 4:05 am ET
  • Saturn stations Direct in Pisces November 27, 2025 10:51 pm ET
  • Saturn finishes in Pisces and enters Aries February 13, 2026 7:12 pm ET

Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011, but Saturn will not conjunct Neptune in Pisces during this 3 year period, as both Saturn and Neptune will enter Aries in 2026 for a conjunction then.

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