Saturn in Aquarius Recap Summary 2020 to 2023 Astrology Horoscope
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Saturn in Aquarius Recap 2020 to 2023 Astrology. Saturn enters Pisces.

Saturn finally leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on March 7, 2023 after being in Aquarius for three years since March 2020, and we all know what started then. It’s been quite a long road and now the tides are changing.

Here I give a quick recap of what’s been happening with associations to the astrology of Saturn in Aquarius. For more on Saturn, I’ve written an extensive astrology horoscope report on what to expect with Saturn in Pisces here.

Just about everything we’ve experienced collectively over the past 3 years can be seen through the lens of astrology and summed up by the symbolism associated with Saturn in Aquarius.

With everything that’s been going on in the world, with science, technology and political power and control merging as Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, it’s like we’re on the edge, in a repeat of height and fall of advanced civilization like Atlantis.

Aquarius is a sign of air, representing the mind. Aquarius is also associated to the collective mind, groups, information exchanges, scientific advances, technology, big tech, media and social media.

The essence of Saturn in Aquarius has been political control, censorship, and corporate power demonstrated in society and in our social lives, over the air-waves and in the real world. Saturn is controlling, strict, demanding and authoritarian representing fear and control projected through society via collective consciousness.

Recap of what’s been notably in focus as Saturn has been in Aquarius since March 2020 symbolizing control over the air element:

  • increased rules and restrictions by authority figures
  • national leaders working in favor of organizations given global authority
  • big tech, science, government merging control powers, emergence of technocracy
  • communism (Aquarius) vs capitalism (Saturn)
  • social controls, restriction and control of information / mind control, censorship online, fact checking organizations
  • “misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, racism, etc” key terms used to hide and deflect from accountability and responsibility
  • changing of definitions of words to suit current narratives and opinions
  • cult/group mentality, peer pressure, follow/agree with the official narrative or face consequences
  • removal of rights and freedoms of individuals in favor of the collective
  • rules apply to some, but not others according to political affiliation or opinion, hypocrisy
  • cancel culture for not obeying political/social rules
  • fear of airborne illness spread through the media, over the airwaves, shaping the collective mindset globally
  • masks restricting air/breathing, demonstrating submission to authority
  • social distancing, physical restrictions the material world
  • advances in science and technology, imposed by force
  • track and trace, surveillance society, V passport restrictions, systematized control
  • drones surveillance
  • digital currency, digital ID, social credit score system development
  • artificial intelligence, AI chat-bots influencing people’s minds
  • push for restrictions on energy

We also had The Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2021 in time with the forced V across the world, signifying the power of Saturn as an authoritarian, amplified further by the power of Jupiter.

Saturn is The World card in the tarot, which is the last card in the major arcana, just as Saturn was the last known planet well before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered. As The World, Saturn signifies manifestation into material reality.

Also as the last known planet of its time, in astrology Saturn was associated with fear of the unknown, endings and completions in the material world.

In Aquarius, we are also reminded of how fear spread through information is used as a mechanism of control and power by those in positions of authority.

With Saturn in Aquarius everyone got a crash course in politicized science and technology, seeing how powerful the control of information is as a force for determining what occurs in the material world – from mind to matter. What people think, they manifest. Saturn in Aquarius reminds us thoughts become things. With technology and authority merging powers, it’s like watching and living through an advanced version of 1984 becoming reality in real-time.

Also linked to Saturn in Aquarius, did you know that the etymology of the word “Government” = to rule/control (govern) the mind (ment).

Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that we can turn an invisible idea of the mind into a practical, material reality. But, what is the mind focused on making? That is the key. Who is deciding what our experience of life becomes? Who is deciding what happens to humanity collectively?

Saturn represents authority figures like bosses, leaders and politicians that make the decisions and implement the plans to make goals become a reality manifesting in the material world. It is especially the rich and powerful, those with the most money, connections and clout in the upper echelons of society that make the biggest, overarching decisions affecting the world.

Associated to strict authority, Saturn can represent the harsh, cold, unrelenting power of dictatorship with hard rules, policies, demands and requirements, all of which were demonstrated thoroughly with Saturn in Aquarius.

Saturn indicates structures, systems and processes that are put in place through step by step planning to build and develop precise outcomes. In an effort to achieve certain goals the process and procedures can be systematically organized, dominating, restricting, and at it’s worst can get to the level of totalitarianism. The hierarchy of organization instructs all levels below, from the top down.

The demand of obedience and compliance can be excessive, and as ruler of Capricorn, money is used as a dominating tool of control in the world. Like the eye ruling over the pyramid on the dollar bill, mono-eye dominates all in the world of humanity.


Because there has been so much effort toward controlling the collective mindset while Saturn has been in Aquarius, we’ve seen so many contradictions. Developments in Science and Technology (Aquarius) in manifesting a collective control grid prison (Saturn) have been dominating during this period. The conflict and contradictions of ideologies have been palpable, especially notable in the forceful demand for everyone to “Trust the Science” which is an impossible oxymoron as Trust = “Don’t ask questions, believe,” while Science = “Ask questions, facts.” In Saturn’s fashion, this is another way of demanding people, “Obey Authority,” and to feel shame or guilt for daring to question the high priests (self appointed “gods”) of society.

So much of what has happened is because authority has set the ball in motion, but people have been willingly following along and participating in the process, therefore being co-creators in making it all play out. During this period we have seen numerous examples that a lot of people will follow orders that go against their common sense, ethics and morals, and common reasoning has been the exchange for a paycheck to ensure temporary survival in the short term, but digs a bigger hole of the problem in the long term.

Saturn is time, karma and consequences, reminding us that you reap what you sow in this world. Saturn in Aquarius reminded us that much of what happens in our reality starts in the mind – from mind to matter. What you think becomes real, hence why control over the collective mindset has been given so much time, energy, money and effort to manifest global outcomes.

Saturn teaches through experience, that in order to stop an idea from manifesting into becoming real in the material world, resistance and non-participation is necessary. Saturn indicates learning and therefore development of maturity through facing the obstacles and restrictions imposed on us.

The past 3 years has definitely taught us a lot about humanity and the ways of the world. There’s more to be uncovered and revealed now that Saturn entered Pisces March 7, 2023.

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