2023 Spring Equinox Astrology Horoscope New Moon in Aries Pluto in Aquarius NEW Weekly Astrology March 20 to 26, 2023
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Spring Equinox 2023, New Moon in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius, Mars in Cancer. NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope March 20 to 26, 2023

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Last week we had difficulty between Venus and Pluto indicating emphasis on financial challenges and leadership. This also ties to money matters, big business, security including food and energy with the connection of Venus ruling Taurus. The farmers revolt against the pilot project of destructive transformation in the Netherlands, with new political leadership with the Farmer-Citizen Movement in favor of the people’s rights indicates a shift in power. Revolts in France over political-financial decisions and retirement further indicate associations to Pluto finishing in Capricorn before Pluto enters Aquarius March 23, 2023.

This week we have the Spring Equinox with the Sun in Aries followed by the New Moon in Aries. Pluto leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, and Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer.

The Sun in Pisces connects with Pluto in Capricorn on March 20, 2023 4:12 pm ET. As Pluto is at the last degree of Capricorn before entering Aquarius and the Sun is finishing in Pisces to enter Aries, this week we could have a big reveal of changes on the horizon. Reasons for hidden secrets could become known. Changes in politics and finance now can flick a switch and wake people up. This is a time to metaphorically shed old skin, to let go of parts of the past. What’s done is done, now it’s time to move on. Dealing with and getting over any lingering karma from the past to have a clearer understanding and a new purpose is suggested.


The Sun enters Aries for the Spring Equinox March 20, 2023 5:25 pm ET

It’s the Astrological New Year again with the start of a new solar cycle in Aries. Here we are reminded of renewal of life with the energy of spring bringing new energy. Happy Birthday to all Aries in the weeks ahead!

Right after the Sun enters Aries we have the New Moon in Aries the next day, on March 21st. The Sun in Aries will also conjunct Chiron in Aries on April 5th and then the Sun will conjunct Jupiter in Aries on April 11, 2023. The Sun will be in Aries until April 20, 2023.

New Moon in Aries March 21, 2023 1:22 pm ET

This New Moon in Aries is in the very first degree of Aries signifying a new beginning and letting go of aspects of our past we no longer want in our lives. This is a good time to boost your confidence with new intentions. Set new goals with determination now and utilize that fire energy to keep you motivated and going forward. Morning birds singing is a positive indication of renewal and a fresh start.

With Mars the ruler of Aries now finishing off in Gemini, we could see changes in the information war with all new perspectives. Actions often speak louder than words, so observing behaviors can give us stronger clues to the steps ahead, more than just listening to what is said.

On the same day, hours after the New Moon, Venus in Taurus is in conjunction to the Destiny Point in Taurus on March 21, 2023 5:44 pm ET. This can be a positive omen for relationships. What happens now can be destined and hold special meaning. Love and affection can be well appreciated now. Those that are lonely could feel like they need more affection to feel fulfilled. It’s a good time to show you really care. Notable occurrences in money matters now could be tied to security, energy, resources, food and supplies. Saving money and what is of value to you is indicated.

Pluto enters Aquarius March 23, 2023 8:14 am ET.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 2008. Now Capricorn is finally entering Aquarius. The transformative, destructive, revolutionary significance of Pluto leaves the political and financial power sphere of Capricorn and enters the futuristic, technological, scientific, social sphere of Aquarius.

Whereas Capricorn is associated to capitalism, with Aquarius being associated to social groups, community and collective of society, is more aligned with communism. We can already see that there is a shift happening where what has been promoted and pushed as associated to “Woke,” is suddenly showing signs of failing with associated banking collapses. This week we could see major political and financial shifts of power and with Pluto’s symbolism of such a big move, it can be like cutting the head off the snake.

I talk more about Pluto in Aquarius here


Mars enters Cancer March 25, 2023 7:46 am ET

Mars is finishing off in Gemini this week. We are likely to see some interesting points of view fired in the information war.

We could see topics surrounding the home, family, mortgages, security, and reproduction get extra fiery now. There is a strong defensive and protective quality to Mars in Cancer. Emotions can get heated. Family and those close can be a strong source of emotional reactions. Feeling embarrassed for actions and behavior is common here, and so many will put up strong boundaries and defenses to avoid being ridiculed or humiliated. Interrogations into secrets, especially in the family, can create conflicts. Defending family honor is a common theme with Mars in Cancer.

Mars will be in Cancer until May 20, 2023.

Mercury is in conjunction to Chiron in Aries March 26, 2023 2:57 pm ET. Messages and opinions can sometimes help heal old wounds, or open them back up again to be dealt with. An internal monologue about your identity can be necessary for you to get clearer about yourself. Thinking positively about solutions can turn old hurts into catalysts for new beginnings.