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NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 15 to 21, 2022. Mars enters Gemini August 20, 2022.

Mercury in Virgo connects with the Destiny Point in Taurus on August 15th at 1:34 pm, then Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus August 16th at 1:46 pm.

Messages and information that comes to you gives you an opportunity to change your future direction. Those with health issues can especially find this a valuable time to look at information. Doing your own research to figure out natural, logical, smarter ways for better wellness heading forward is indicated now.

What are you working towards building for your future and what is the collective moving toward?

Planning and organization to manifest ideas into reality are especially indicated now. Look at what people are saying, doing and working toward to get a good indication of how the future will unfold. Patterns and themes of agendas and narratives pushing in a certain direction should be easier to spot now.

Thoughts and ideas are like magical seeds. We are reminded that when people focus their minds on something, it plants the seed to grow into becoming a reality. Practical ideas and actions make ideas manifest.

What is talked about and focused on repeatedly in the news, is the reality the news-makers intend to manifest as we head toward the future. We must also be aware of how Saturn in Aquarius is all about controlling the mind of the collective to manifest an intended result, and the media and social media information control tactics, followed by collective peer pressure is how it’s done.

Health and business topics discussed around this time will give us clues about the direction of the future. It is directors that direct and actors play the roles while the viewers are expected to applaud on cue when the applause sign lights up.

Food, grains, farming, and the environment can be expected topics at this time, as well as the economy, financial security and cyber security.


Venus in Leo connects with Jupiter Retrograde in fellow fire sign Aries on August 18, 2022 at 4:02 am. Feeling generous and positive towards others, especially complimenting and focusing on the good about people’s personalities and unique character traits can create harmonious relationships. An interest in doing something with your look to make you feel refreshed and more in tune with what you really want to look like is heightened now. A female personality, famous woman, or leader getting a lot attention this week can bring up ideas and perspectives that get a dramatic response.

Mars enters Gemini August 20, 2022 at 3:57 am ET.

More aggressive topics, questions and responses are likely to be notable in the media. Talk of strategies to win are heard more frequently. Fast thinking and jumping to conclusions can require a slow down or pause before getting too aggressive. Words can bruise egos, offend easily or cause defensive retaliation so being extra cautious with what is said and the reactions that follow is recommended. We could hear lots of talk and gossip about war of course and strategic decisions for offense and defense is likely to heat up. Shortsighted, impulsive actions and reactions should be avoided in consideration for their long term consequences.

This could be quite an intense period of information exchanges as Mars will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023. That’s seven months! Increasing the length of his stay in Gemini, Mars will go Retrograde in Gemini from October 30th, 2022 to January 12th, 2023.


Mercury in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces on August 21, 2022 at 3:40 am. This can indicate a lot of confusion especially how to define what a fact really is.

Just because someone makes a statement or a claim, it doesn’t mean it is true.

Anything that doesn’t really seem to make a lot of sense can be picked up easily. Trust your gut instinct to lead you to ask more questions to find out the real truth, especially where your intuition indicates deception or a lack of real information. Those that are deceptive could be intentionally vague and not really explain any real details, but rather could use flowery, broad terms that don’t really say much at all about the facts and figures. It’s easy to get drawn into false conclusions and ideas that aren’t backed by anything of substance, so it’s wise to be more of a sleuth to get to the bottom of things and dig up those hidden details. Whenever someone does something or says something but they don’t give a reasonable explanation, you can bet something is being held secret. A lot of mistrust is to be expected around this time.

Information is often hidden and not fully disclosed, such as in contracts, agreements, terms of service, medical consent, tricks with statistics, etc., so be extra attentive now as hidden data can be intentionally misleading. Misinformation and the beliefs formed from it, is likely to be on the radar now. Smarts are required to detect it.

*All times are Eastern Time.


Full Moon in Aquarius August 11, 2022. NEW Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 8 to 14, 2022.

The Sun in Leo connects with Chiron as the week begins and is having a difficult connection to Uranus and the Destiny Point in Taurus this week as we head toward the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Celebrities and leaders could think they are brilliant in pushing for the current mainstream thing they want to make a reality, and to get attention, but are more likely to end up saying or doing the wrong thing about the future that just doesn’t give people confidence. Though we are likely to see more pushes for collective limits and peer pressure could be on the rise, it’s much wiser for personal freedom to guide your aims now.

We have the Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday, August 11, 2022 9:35 pm ET.

A message that reaches the collective will be revealed and could wake a lot of people up.

Take note of messages that stand out. Anyone could be a messenger, including you. Revelations prompt hope and freedom now. Willingness to help creates bonds.

A declaration; in order to have freedom, you have to say no to suppression. It is the only way.

Spotlight on the rebel.

The Sun and Moon are both in conflict with Uranus in Taurus during this Full Moon. We can expect the attitude of rebellion and the desire break free from restrictions and limitations to be heightened as we head toward this Full Moon.

Much of this Full Moon can speak to what has been happening since Saturn entered Aquarius in March 2020.


Love and Relationships could be intense this week.

Venus in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn on August 9, 2022 indicating that overbearing occurrences with egos. Leaders, bosses or anyone that acts like they are an authority figure in your life can feel especially uncomfortable. Intense feelings, even jealousy could affect yourself or those around you. If a relationship isn’t working out, it’s

Venus enters Leo August 11, 2022 at 2:30 pm ET.

A desire for fun and romance in relationships is enhanced. Adornments that make you feel beautiful are eye catching. This is a good time to tap into beauty, creativity and artistic flair, especially when promoting products or events to grab attention. A makeover can give you a more buoyant, confident energy. Female leaders and celebrities are in the spotlight.

On the same day as the Full Moon, on August 11th, Mars in Taurus connects with Neptune in Pisces. Rippling muscles in motion, dripping sweat, strong like bull can turn up the heat.

Mars connects with Pluto in Capricorn on the 14th. It’s a good time to purge toxic energy in all its forms.

A stubborn and strategic attitude can lead to intense changes.

Demonstrations of plutocratic power could be off the charts.

Strong challenges could be revealed.

Political battles and strategies pushed regarding food, farming, the environment, territory, land, homes, resources, material goods, jobs and the economy could reveal hidden motives.

Horoscopes will continue to be streamlined for you and me.

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New Weekly Astrology Horoscope August 1 to 7, 2022. Mars conjunct Destiny Point.

The main thing to remember this week is that a single choice you make or action you take can change your destiny forever.

With effort, determination and new ideas, we can change the future we are creating.


Last week we had Uranus conjunct the Destiny Point in Taurus on July 26th which is still relevant this week, and now Mars is joining them as August begins.

And here we go again. As mentioned in last week’s horoscope Joe B. tested positive, then negative, and now positive again. All those magic potions imposed on humanity, deemed “safe and effective” sure do seem to be proving they are nothing but key words of a major marketing campaign. If they aren’t really working, what’s the real reason behind why they are forcing people to take them?

Of course we are hearing a lot of talk about war as expected with Mars the warrior in conjunction with the Destiny Point and Uranus in Taurus on August 1st. Again, right on cue with current astrology trends, Nancy P. is planning to head to Asia, right on time to instigate potential escalations of tension, interestingly surrounding the topic of microchips (Uranus). With Mars meeting with Uranus and The Destiny Point in Taurus now could have a dramatic and dangerous effect on our collective future. Egos could flair and create major risks. We could hear the term “freedom fighter” more frequently now.

Mars is in conjunction with the Destiny Point on August 1, 2022 at 4:07 am ET, then Mars is also in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on August 1, 2022 7:53 pm ET. Mars in Taurus is very territorial and meeting with the rebellious and shocking Uranus these fast acting planets can signify explosive reactions.

And at the rate things are going in battles of food supply, agriculture and environment, how long do you think it will be before the plan for forced bug burgers become soylent green blocks?


Mars in Taurus is also in a difficult position to Saturn in Aquarius on August 1, 2022 3:56 pm ET further emphasizing the political and social conflicts that are dominating people’s lives. Saturn indicates planning and organizing to manifest reality. The overbearing plans of those in positions of authority to shape our reality creates conflict with humanity’s free will. Bold actions taken that impacts the future of the collective could create clashes that are fiery.

Also starting off this first week of August, Venus in Cancer is also connecting with The Destiny Point in Taurus on August 1st at 11:03 pm ET then on August 2nd Venus connects with Uranus in Taurus at 8:25 am ET and then with Mars in Taurus at 9:59 pm ET. This reminds us that we need to put love and care as our priorities to overcome these battles. Venus can disarm Mars, meaning that Love conquers War. Seeking security in your home and finances are in focus. Protection of your personal and familial interests using your survival instincts is recommended.

Mercury enters Virgo August 4, 2022 2:58 am ET

We are sure to hear more talk about the medical field, especially concerning nurses, doctors and how the work is being manifested. This is a good time to learn more about nutrition and health.

Venus connects with Neptune on August 7, 2022 12:42 pm ET reminding us of the importance of love and compassion in our lives. Caring for others and having a heart is key to soul growth. A better connection to those you love and a more spiritual perspective can bring more purpose and meaning to our lives.