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NEW Daily Astrology October 26, 2021 Venus and Neptune

Neptune in Pisces and Venus in Sagittarius are in a challenging position today.

Where we see a lack of compassion, empathy and love in the world, but instead see the stark contrast of cruelty and apathy, it can be pull at our heart strings with a sharp edge that wakes up sleeping souls.

Karma is not something to be fooled. What is true and real, is true and real no matter what veil of distraction or deception attempts to hide it.

Today we are reminded of how the world encompasses vast possibilities, and at the core of how we live in the world is where our heart is – how open or closed our heart is to giving and receiving love.

The world is a cosmic play and we all choose to manifest the reality of this story of life by our collective karmic actions. Wherever we see a lack of compassion toward anyone, any living being whether people, plants or animals, it awakens awareness now. Wherever it is evident that there is a void of heart and soul it will be noticed.

To correct this, it is necessary to change karma and seek higher wisdom, not just of the mind with a philosophical perspective on the world, but to seek how to expand the wisdom of the heart, to be healed and opened to feel, connect and recognize the soul in ourselves and in others.

Meditation on the heart and all its associations you can think and feel can bring you much wisdom today that changes you and therefore adds a drop of change to the world.

Today we are reminded that spirituality is not just concepts in the mind but more about the heart.

Venus in Sagittarius in challenge to Neptune in Pisces is also a reminder to be wise to deceptions and illusions that form false beliefs that go against the legal rights of everyone’s bodily autonomy especially in association to technology and biotechnology.

It’s time to pull back the veil of deception over the world and to prioritize love.

NEW Weekly Astrology Zodiac Sign Horoscopes October 25 to 31, 2021 Mars enters Scorpio

This week we can become wiser and reach into higher consciousness collectively by choosing to manifest love and compassion in the world to alleviate suffering. Wherever you see others causing suffering to others, cruelty, and abuse, especially intentionally, to people and animals, it can really pull at heart strings this week. Those that cause harm and suffering are obviously making such choices which are not rooted in love or compassion.

We can choose love and compassion to create positive karma and put an end to the many causes of suffering in the world. We can can overcome it, alleviate it and stop it and instead choose a more positive future.

More people will wake up this week, become much more aware and conscious, and see much deeper into what’s going on behind the scenes that is responsible for restricting humanity from freedom.

Many will learn that what is stopping wisdom, truth and freedom in the world are deliberate, authoritative choices propagated to the collective humanity out of fear and a desire for control.

The Sun is now in Scorpio and Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th, just in time for Halloween giving us more active awareness into hidden things and the shadow side of reality.

I’ll be talking more about what’s happening this week in the NEW Daily Astrology published on days when there are new aspects and transits in astrology.

Read your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

Aries: Mars enters Scorpio at the end of this week, just in time for Halloween. You could feel more virile, passionate and energized in the weeks ahead. An interest in sleuthing and discovering hidden secrets about what goes on behind the scenes can also be more intriguing this week. More effort and energy to get your financial picture in order is indicated. Purchasing silver, gold and goods may be of greater interest as a hedge against inflation.

Taurus: This is a highly philosophical time for you that encourages you to explore your beliefs more broadly. Conflicts of ideas and concepts could feel confusing at times and test what you believe but will have you digging deeper to find the truth. A more open mind into metaphysical perspectives will give you opportunities to understand how consciousness can influence the world and the future. A more mystical, spiritual perspective of reality can give you a mix of doubts and faith that raise your consciousness and creativity. Emotions associated with love and compassion open windows and doors into your psyche and soul.

Gemini: The week starts off with the Moon in your sign, indicating that your emotions, feelings and intuition are heightened. Daydreaming, meditation and contemplation can bring you inner wisdom. Your higher goals in life may not be so clear now which can prompt you to explore your views of the world, the meaning of love and your beliefs on spirituality with a more open mind. Thinking positively will help you find balance. It all starts to change when your mind starts to change.


Cancer: The Moon enters your sign on Monday at 5 pm ET and will be in your sign until early morning on Thursday. Your self awareness will be heightened and you will learn a lot about yourself by listening to your inner voice, trusting your intuition and your feelings. Your gut instincts will be stronger now giving you clues on how to navigate the days ahead. This is also a good time to explore your inner world and psyche to push through barriers that hold you back. What’s in your way will remind you of how much you value freedom. An open mind willing to learn and wide open outdoor spaces can both give you that sense of freedom you want.

Leo: Having positive experiences in your relationships is important to you this week. Fun and games can give you a sense of relief that helps you feel more positive and hopeful for the future. Creative hobbies and arts are a great way to feel more positive this week. You could be tempted to overspend on entertainment with friends, or on a romantic interest. Relationships at home may feel restricting and limiting prompting you to seek freedom.

Virgo: Your financial picture is a growing priority for you now. Finding balance in how you earn your income can show up in random clues. Listening can be your greatest asset now, helping you to learn new ideas that show up in synchronistic ways. With Mercury direct now it’s out with the old and in with the new for you going forward. Misunderstandings in family matters and your romantic relationships are possible. Although you may be tempted to seek personal comforts and possibly over eat in social settings, those with a healthy lifestyle can be great role models worth learning from now. A wealth of tips in caring for your well being and health are available from a wide variety of sources. Recipes from other cultures are worth learning more about.


Libra: It doesn’t look like it’s the best time to discuss personal health and lifestyle considerations this week as there are so many conflicting ideas on the matter it could create wedges in relationships and also leave you feeling confused and doubtful. However, hearing something you may not have considered before could be eye opening and worth contemplating on your own. Learning something creative or starting a hobby can open you up to bigger possibilities for your future. Someone you encounter could be the catalyst and inspiration for new creative avenues. Mars leaves your sign at the end of the week taking your motivation in the direction of increasing financial security.

Scorpio: If anyone close to you, such as family is limiting your self confidence you are likely going to want to move beyond those obstacles so you can feel lighter about yourself. Mars enters your sign at the end of this week on the 30th at 10:20 am ET. You could feel more energized, passionate and your ego could be amplified prompting you to assert yourself in bolder, stronger ways. With any excess energy you could also feel more tension and stress. Exercise is a positive way to use your energy. You could be feeling more frisky and virile in the coming weeks ahead.

Sagittarius: You may not see eye to eye with family this week, especially when beliefs are not aligned. Acquaintances, neighbors and people you are close to but don’t see as frequently can help you feel better and see things from a broader perspective. Self worth is important to you now with Venus in your sign. Improving your self image by taking care of yourself can help you see yourself and the future through a more positive lens.


Capricorn: Limitations and restrictions in your social life and in your finances can prompt you to search within yourself to find ways to overcome such obstacles. It’s best that you be less dependent on debts to get by and figure out ways that work to make your financial future stronger. Stress and tension in friendships and your social life are possibly increased at the end of the week, but you could also find yourself attracted to someone in your social circle.

Aquarius: It’s not the best time to be dealing with finances with friends or people in your social life as confusion or misunderstandings are possible. An adventure with the people you trust and love could have you feeling lucky to have such people in your life. Count your blessings with those you care about and genuinely care about you. Personal reservations and inhibitions within yourself can have you feeling limited in your career, but opportunities you envision and feel strongly about can have you pushing yourself hard to overcome barriers within yourself to achieve goals you feel strongly about. Energy toward career matters can feel challenging with hard work, enthusiasm and effort you can discover your power.

Pisces: You might be doubtful and unsure about yourself, but if you allow yourself to tap into your deeper creative self you can discover what you really want to do. It might be challenging to find the answers but seeking what you love can reveal goals worth your while. You could find inspiration by people in your social circle or from those you would consider your peers.

NEW Daily Astrology October 23, 2021 Sun enters Scorpio

The Sun officially enters Scorpio at 12:50 am ET on October 23, 2021.

Scorpio is a sign of what is hidden (occult), what we don’t know. The Sun is in Scorpio sheds light on the things that are and have been hiding below the surface to bring greater awareness of the truth.

Our subconscious thoughts and feelings, our shadow side, becomes more obvious when light shines bright during this period. It’s a good time for diving deep into exploring the psyche and seeing what comes up.

With intuition heightened, dreams and daydreams can also be highly revelatory at this time.

The Sun in Scorpio brings a lot of extra attention and emphasis to our perspectives on money, taxes, debt and the financial sector, including the banking industry and stock market as well as cryptocurrency. Valuables like gold are also of interest in terms of money, and gold is a precious metal that has also long been associated with the Sun.

A lot of deep, dark secrets could be revealed during this period about those in positions of power in politics and the corporate world, including the reputations of leaders and celebrities especially relating to money, sex and abuses.

The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 21, 2021 at 9:33 pm ET.

A note on yesterdays Mars challenging Pluto it is very interesting timing of the Alec Baldwin shooting as Mars is associated to machinery with moving parts, explosive, fiery, aggressive energy, violence and weapons and in challenge to Pluto which represents death and destruction and in Capricorn representing celebrities, famous people, and associated to politics… well, you get the picture.