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Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on October 3, 2019 at 2:40 am ET.

Whenever a planet goes direct it signifies turning the tables and turning over a new leaf. It can be a more intense time where we notice circumstances are coming together to push us in a new direction.

The positive side of Pluto is the desire for knowledge and truth, and through knowing we can be transformed. We can expect many revelations to continue as Pluto transits through Capricorn. We can be significantly changed by discoveries and unveiling of knowledge during the switch from Pluto Retrograde to Direct

When Pluto seeks knowledge, it seeks deep, far and wide for the truth. Just like the metaphor of the bite from the apple and the temptation to know it all, knowing the truth can be more powerful and transformational than we may suspect.

Pluto is the furthest planet, symbolizing how far from the truth we can be, making the desire to find it that much stronger.

As an outer planet, Pluto speaks to larger, world affairs.

Capricorn is an earth sign and signifies more focus on business, reputation, recognition, fame, career, professional aims, authority figures and the larger political structures and systems in the world.

Pluto is largely about power, wealth and transformation and also relates to our deeper psychology, fears and all that is hidden and secret.

We are likely to see changes to political structure and restructuring in businesses. Shifts in the economy and banking industry is also likely.

Major physical structures like mountains and engineering feats like buildings and bridges are symbols of ambition, goals and reaching great heights.

In each of our lives we can expect that we will experience changes in early October moving forward. These changes can include significant psychological shifts, and changes to our goals and ambitions especially in career matters.

As usual these days, we can expect politics to impact the psychology of the masses with new revelations coming to the surface. Truth wants to be free, and all that is hidden must come to light eventually, but we are likely to see a battle continue in trying to keep truths hidden deep behind the scenes especially with Saturn in Capricorn now too.

Mars in Virgo

Mars enters Virgo on August 18, 2019 at 1:17 am ET.

When Mars enters Virgo it’s time to get to work and to be productive. Whether you are working on a business or working on improving your health, this is the time to get activated and make things happen, and do what needs to be done to get things in order in your life.

This is a great time to make a plan and to take charge in achieving your goals. It’s time to get to work. Figuring out strategies for success are well supported during this period. Step it up a notch if you aren’t at the place you want in your life, put your energy into it and make it materialize. This is an excellent time to work on business goals.

Virgo is all about daily routines, schedules and getting things organized and on time. If you are a procrastinator, signs will be clear reminding you to get your act together. If you are worried about tasks you need to get done, that worry will be motivation to push you to get to work.

Mars in Virgo can get those wheels turning in your mind, overtime. Interestingly enough, on the first morning that Mars is in Virgo I am finding that I can’t sleep and want a cappuccino to start my day.

Secretaries, journalists, writers, managers, doctors, nurses, athletes, mechanics, nutritionists and accountants may feel extra pressure to get all aspects of their professions in order during this period, which can take them to the next level in their business. If you are looking for a new career, this is the time to look into it further with an ambitious approach. Problem solving comes more naturally when Mars is in Virgo.

Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, and can be obsessive and emotionally driven with a strong dose of ego. And, with Virgo’s meticulous detail oriented view and perfectionism, obsessive compulsive behavior can be quite high with Mars in Virgo. Cleaning can become an obsession.

If you are someone that wants to have a fit, toned, body, you could over analyze your flaws and what needs to change to achieve your ideal and therefore overwork yourself at the gym with Mars in Virgo.

Since Virgos can be obsessive, critical, and tend to worry, Mars in Virgo can lead to nervous tension and impatience. Aggressive responses to people that are making mistakes or generally being clueless about basic common sense can be extra irritating. Bad drivers on the road can be extra annoying, and road rage can increase at this time.

You may also notice people will come across as more forthright than usual without holding back their harsh opinions during this period. Virgo likes facts and with a dose of Mars, direct words, if not fighting words, can put you in your place swiftly if you don’t have anything of substance to back up your own argument. Comedians can appreciate this placement as quick wit that is right on point can make the punchline that much more fierce, especially when dealing with hecklers.

If you are working on a project with someone that just doesn’t have the speed or accuracy to implement strategies or manifest progress at a faster pace it can create conflicts due to impatience. If you’re the sensitive type, someone judging your progress, quality of output and telling you to work harder and faster could make you feel inadequate. Extra effort may be required to satisfy other people’s expectations.

We could also see an uptick of people getting offended and defensive, with plenty of opinions and judgments in the media. Since the ruler of Virgo, Mercury is in Leo now, we can also see celebrities getting more aggressive with their points of view followed by more aggressive behavior.

With Mars in Virgo, it is an important time to take care of your health and to become stricter with your diet by ensuring you are getting the nutritional requirements your body needs to combat stress and to improve your energy so you can get lots of work done. 

As Mars in Virgo can lead to a more nervous disposition, excess adrenaline can lead to digestive issues and a lack of appetite are possible. Creating time and space for rest and digest mode to counter any noticeable increases in fight or flight mode is recommended.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, it’s a good time to create a vision board. With Mars in Virgo, it’s a good time to consider the detailed steps necessary to take to make that vision a reality.

Mars will be in Virgo until October 4, 2019 at 12:21 am ET.

Mars in Cancer

Mars enters Cancer on May 15, 2019 at 11:09 pm ET.

Mars the athletic, warrior spirit in Cancer can have people being extra defensive, like a mother bear defending her cubs. There is a strong protective quality to Mars in Cancer, and a sense of pride, especially for family honour and dignity.

Mars in Cancer is like the harsh spikes of a cactus protecting the gentle, nurturing watery interior of the plant or as an armor protecting sensitive, vulnerable flesh within.

Protecting and defending the the home with force corresponds to Mars in Cancer. If you feel the need for a home security alarm system, this would be an appropriate time to get one.

If someone has their emotions harmed in any way, they could come back fighting with strong reactions. A short temper can lead to harsh emotional blows so be careful when you’re hot under the collar to consider how strongly emotions can be wounded quickly but have lasting impact.

Be on the lookout for road rage, especially by those that are very protective of their beloved cars.

Physical stress and tension and headaches are highlighted especially for those that tend to worry or have anxiety issues. Hot showers or time in a warm sauna or hot tub are recommended to alleviate muscle tension.

Swimming and watersports are indicated for expending excess energy and fitness goals.

Empowerment is accessible when you are able to put energy into caring for yourself. It’s a good time to start working out at home to build strength. It’s also a good time to trust to your instincts. Your feelings can give you strength and courage to change your life. Your inner world and your desires have power to change the external world around you.

In relationships, passionate physical and emotional energy can make for the most sensuous lovemaking. Strong feelings and reactions about pregnancies and abortion can be associated with Mars in Cancer.

Mars meets the Destiny Point in Cancer on June 12, 2019 at 6:45 pm ET

Mars will be in Cancer until July 1, 2019 at 7:19 pm ET.