Aquarius TarotScope

April 2020 Aquarius TarotScope

Dear Aquarius,

You need to pull out your secret weapon to get everything under control and get everything done. Your best option is your smarts, your creativity and your inner strength! You may need to take on more roles than you are used to and take charge of the situation by being the one that makes the decisions. Unique, inventive approaches with a solutions oriented frame of mind can make you the master of your domain. You may need to delegate tasks to get it all done, and get rid of whatever isn’t a priority to ensure things don’t pile up. Be direct to cut through any distractions to make best decisions. Logic, reason and facts should be central to all you do. You could be required to get back to basics for best practical results. 

I know these are trying times for so many of us in the world now. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. A lot of us are at home now, so I wanted to make this month’s TarotScopes have a more fun, entertaining mood with The Housewives Tarot. I hope these TarotScopes give you helpful advice and a positive perspective. Wishing you lots of love.



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