Aquarius TarotScope

November 2019 Aquarius TarotScope

Dear Aquarius, a competitive attitude may guide your thoughts and actions now. By competing you could win some battles, but lose alliances in the process. Putting your mind to winning can create a separation between yourself and others.

Mercury will be Retrograde for much of November giving you a chance to reassess your approach to achieving your goals. You may initially think a certain approach is valid and best, but then realize that going ahead full force can lead to some problems in the long run. Is what you will lose worth it?

Perhaps you have an idea and others just don’t see eye to eye you may need to stand firm by your decision even if it means others will not get what they want. You will have to decide what is best for yourself and how it may affect others.

A breakdown in communications is quite possible in November and you will have to figure out how to remedy your interpersonal relationships.

If you are feeling less motivated by start new tasks this month, you may find it best to break down the steps to make it easier to figure out how to go ahead one step at a time to achieve your overall goal in bite size pieces.




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