Aquarius TarotScope

December 2019 Aquarius TarotScope

Dear Aquarius, you may be riding high on what you believe and feeling empowered, but you may also feel that there is a lot to contend with in defending what you hold true. Not everyone will agree with what you believe and some may not appreciate if your confidence comes across as egotism. 

If others see what you have, what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come they may turn to you to get a piece of what you have to offer. Some may come to you for advice to tap into your wisdom, but you could also be so busy that you have to fend off an abundance of requests. 

Those that are jealous of what you have may try to bring you down causing you to have to stay strong to stand your ground. Others may simply disagree with your approach and question your right to be confident in what you think and believe. In any case you are in a position where you may need to stand tall and keep your head up high against the odds. 

If you are in a leadership role, it is important that you have the courage and stamina to prevail against adversity and those with opposing views. If you are strong in your business, you may need to face stiff competition to achieve going to the next level. 

You may feel confident in your beliefs and views one minute but then challengers could have you questioning how strong your position really is. Be sure that you aren’t wasting too much time defending yourself against rivals or your confidence could be zapped. 

With your forward thinking mindset, traditionalists may pressure you to come back down to see things their way. If you are seeking advice from a wise person, the advice you get could end up leading to internal battles and doubts as you question what you really believe. 

If you are starting a new project that is regulated by a governing body, you may have to deal with people in authoritative positions and get permissions to move ahead. This could lead to having to deal with issues you didn’t think of before and may slow down your progress causing frustration. 

If you are joining in an alliance with someone in a partnership it could prove to be more difficult than you had originally anticipated as opposing opinions arise. Discussions with a counselor or third party for advice may be necessary for some Aquarians to help resolve issues that arise. 

Venus enters Aquarius on December 20th encouraging improvements in self worth. Beautifying yourself with a new haircut, new wardrobe, or a self care routine is recommended. Enjoying more sensory pleasures is well advised to feel good about yourself. 



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