Aries TarotScope

December 2019 Aries TarotScope

Dear Aries, this is a great month to get closer to someone important in your life, especially someone you love and adore. Someone that makes you feel young again, rejuvenated, and excited about life can bring you much joy. Having harmonious relationships can have healing, powerful influence on your well being. 

Romance is positively indicated, and you may wish to start a new relationship, get engaged, or renew love in your marriage. Positive friendships are also indicated. In all regards, you can move towards positive relationships this month. 

If you are in a challenging relationship, you can become a master of creating harmony by being the one that decides how to take the reigns and shift your lives towards wholesome renewal. 

You can shift anger, quarrels and disputes with someone important to you into forgiveness and mutual benefit by a matter of your choice. 

If there has been any abuses in relationships in your past, you may choose to move forward and choose better karma for yourself and others. 

Chiron Stations Direct in Aries on December 12, 2019 indicating a shift in your well being and self perception. This is a great time for you to feel good about your identity and focus on being true to yourself.

Mars, your ruling planet, is in Scorpio this December indicating a special focus on your finances and debt. With a strong ambition, emotional willpower and empowered efforts you can create greater wealth. Read more about Mars in Scorpio.



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