Aries TarotScope

February 2020 Aries TarotScope

Dear Aries,

Your highest hopes are important to you this month. You can be the empowered, energized, enthusiastic one that creates and manifests what you want. As you reach for what you desire, you might be extra demanding and commanding, which can be a good thing. Hopes and wishes can lead you to take brave risks that are worthwhile, putting your best foot forward to display your capabilities. An entrepreneurial spirit is recommended. Doing your best and taking the lead is likely to be recognized by others. Anticipating the best can lead to great potential. 

Mars is in Sagittarius for the first half of this month indicating motivation and extra fiery energy for you to put toward your higher aims continuing from last month. A fun, lively, positive attitude and seeing the humor, joy and adventure in life will keep you propelled to develop good opportunities. 

Mars enters Capricorn February 16, 2020 at 6:32 am ET bringing more attention to your ambitions and goals. More energy toward being responsible and proactive in business is suggested. This is a good time to be strong and tap into your leadership qualities. However, since Mercury is going Retrograde on this same day, you can expect to have a lack of clarity about business matters for the rest of this month and though you may be enthusiastic about your goals, you may also change your mind a lot which can scatter your energy and reduce your productivity. Do be careful that disagreements and miscommunications don’t lead to heated arguments with professional associates. A hot headed, reactive attitude can create situations you would prefer to avoid. Forgetfulness in your tasks and responsibilities or a wishy washy approach to business matters won’t impress anyone.   

Mercury goes Retrograde in Pisces on February 16, 2020 at 7:55 pm ET. This is a time to get reconnected with a more spiritual perspective on reality. Your dreams are likely to be more deep and profound as your mind accesses your subconscious, but you may not remember them at all when waking up. If you have any insightful epiphanies that are life changing, don’t expect to remember them for long, write them down immediately if possible. You could find it difficult to concentrate as you are inclined to daydream and drift off in your imagination. It’s not a great time to make any firm decisions. It is wise to take a closer look at the fine print and finer details whenever you are dealing with important decisions and contracts. 

Come back regularly as I have many more updates for February.



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