Cancer TarotScope

November 2019 Cancer TarotScope

Dear Cancer, the world is your stage. You get to decide what you want to go after, and you don’t have to step on others to get what you want.

To bring happiness into your life, taking from others is the last thing you want to do. Creating bridges, rather than divides allows you to be open to new possibilities and get support from others along the way. But on the other hand, going along with what others want can sometimes pull you off your own track and waste precious time.

It is best for you to focus on what you want to achieve this month and look for positive ways to make it a reality.

It would be wise to also try to not pull others off their own track either, by ensuring any support from others is volunteered of their own will rather than forced.

Mercury Retrograde is a good time to reevaluate your goals and how you can go about achieving them in a different way.

Social issues could come up that will need to be addressed later in the month.




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