Capricorn TarotScope

December 2019 Capricorn TarotScope

Dear Capricorn, a lot of focus comes to you this month with Jupiter entering your sign on December 2nd. This is like an all new beginning that reaches the full spectrum of your life. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in your sign, along with Venus too brings a whole lot of powerful influences. Believing in yourself can open you up to grand possibilities. Jupiter and Venus are positive planets that can give you a great boost. Enhancements in your self worth can positively transform your life. 

What you believe about yourself and your worldview could change significantly for the better this month and into 2020.

You are a natural born leader, that demonstrates by example. The complexities of your personality will be noticeable. Where you go, others will take notice. You have the power to be highly influential now and you can change lives in huge ways. Your judgments and opinions hold weight and value. 

Where do you feel like you are self possessed and self realized as an authority? Wherever you decide to take charge, you can manifest real power. What you believe, what you do, the path you tread matters to you and those around you.

Use this time to be empowered, to live up to your greatest potential. Your talents could lead you into pure genius. You have new, powerful cosmic support now. It is recommened that you learn more about enhancing your abilities so you can manifest greatness.  

Female empowerment is also sure to be notable this month. We are likely to see Capricorns in powerful positions change the landscape as they become more fully actualized. You are ready to rise to the top of the hierarchy of potential.

You can attract good luck this month to help you banish any self doubts.  

If you have felt restricted for some time, self love will bring you relief this month. If you have felt excessive pressure, or have been working hard to achieve your aims for long enough taking a break and getting away to expand your worldview will help you feel more self empowered. Use the positive energy coming your way this month to maximize your potential for great change.



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