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Capricorn September 2020 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Capricorn Friend,

 If you’ve worked hard on accomplishing something you are proud of, don’t let others’ thoughts and words put doubts in your mind. Sometimes you just have to know that you deserve to have what you have worked for and to feel confident and proud of all the efforts you’ve put in to get there. You deserve to have good things just as much as anyone else. If someone tries to discourage you or challenge what you believe about yourself, be willing to stand up and lead them back to knowing you’re worth it. Taking the high road will win you favor at the end of the day.  

It’s also a good idea for you to protect and defend whatever you value, including your financial position. This includes being aware of swift changes in the market and how to ensure you are creating security. Creating the right foundation for your finances to grow could take some extra effort, but having greater independence, security and abundance will be worth it. 

Jupiter stations Direct September 12, 8:41 pm ET. You are reminded that the world is a big place, with a lot of opportunities. With an open mind and an abundant perspective you will be able to grow and learn as you reach for your vision. 

Saturn Stations Direct September 29, 2020 1:12 am ET. You’re learning a lot of lessons with so much going on in your sign. As part of your transformations, if you can be responsible and focus your time on developing the very best of yourself, you will have more authority over your own identity and your life. 

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