Capricorn TarotScope

JULY 2020 Capricorn TarotScope

Dear Capricorn,

Are you just going right for that Devil’s Food Cake or what? It really looks like you are swiftly moving towards your temptations this month. Maybe you are getting too caught up in your vices? The Devil card actually represents Capricorn in the tarot. It symbolizes the realm of materialism and the endless seductions of the material world. You just might be interested in indulging a bit too much this month. Perhaps you will feel mischievous, curious, and intrigued to the point where you feel like you have little control over the allure and appeal of being a bit naughty. Getting too caught up in what the material world has to offer can certainly take you on a journey of excesses, but it looks like you’ll be smart enough to not let it chain you down. On the other hand, you may be noticing the plethora of traps in the material world that constantly draw your attention and you’re ready to face them head on so you can overcome them. You may find various addictions to be consuming a lot of your focus, and perhaps after a bit of indulgence you might be ready to do battle with a few of them.

Saturn Retrograde re-enters Capricorn on July 1st to start off your month. You could feel like you need to make a personal change, but you could have doubts, procrastinate and may not be so sure about putting in extra effort.

With Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer until July 12th you could continue getting an extra dose of mixed thoughts and feelings, especially in relationships.

A Full Moon in Capricorn on July 5th can wake you up to a big realization about yourself. Pay attention to the signs.

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This Monthly TarotScope answers “What is the best advice for my Capricorn Readers This Month?” If you have your own question you can Get a New TarotScope for Yourself with the New Tip Jar Tarot.

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Also Read Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign for a fuller picture.

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