Gemini TarotScope

MAY 2020 Gemini TarotScope

Dear Gemini,

A positive outlook will do you much better than getting your mind wrapped up in all sorts of paranoia, Being well rested and taking care of yourself makes you the Queen of your domain.  It is likely that you will feel more emotional and introspective. Your inner world can be a great source of creative energy this month. A good night’s sleep and time to yourself can give you ample energy to get things done. Your dreams, intuition and instincts can give you clues on how to deal with your waking hours best. You may find yourself astral travelling that reveals deeper parts of your psyche. However, if you are spending too much time in dreamland, you could find yourself feeling like you’re getting behind on your daily responsibilities and will have to work quickly to catch up on all the things that are piling up. If you are overdoing-it with being passive and are finding yourself a bit too introverted, distanced or caught up in emotions, getting active in the real world will help lift your spirits. Expect synchronicities to give you swift insights that point you in the right direction this month.  

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