Gemini TarotScope

December 2019 Gemini TarotScope

Dear Gemini, with Mercury as your ruler, sometimes you can have too much on your mind, to the point you worry about all sorts of  little things. If you want to have more fun and positive experiences as we lead up to the holiday season, you’ll need to push some of your worries to the side. 

You have a chance to challenge yourself to think differently this month and shift your mindset so you can release what you’ve been holding onto and recreate yourself. 

If materialism or concerns over money matters are taking up too much of your mental space, take some time to just chill out, meditate and do some mind clearing. You have the power to uplift your mind to a more positive state. 

If you are particularly stubborn and not flexible in terms of social events it is likely to cause difficulties in your relationships. Worrying less about everything that needs to get done, and focusing more on enjoying the company of people you like to be around will do you good. You are likely find that moving beyond your comfort zone in social situations can lead to some unexpected, positive experiences. 

Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Scorpio and enters Sagittarius on December 9, 2019. Your relationships will become increasingly important to you as we get closer to the holidays. You are encouraged to not take life so seriously and use humor as your guide toward social interactions for best results.

You are having a Full Moon in Gemini on December 12th. Full Moons tend to increase emotional reactions. Being stubborn about your mindset can lead to difficulties with others, so do try to not get into discussions that can challenge beliefs, especially regarding topics of gossip, political or religious views. Emotional emphasis in these areas, especially with the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius at this time, can create difficulties. An open mind will be much better for your relationships. 



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