Leo TarotScope

December 2019 Leo TarotScope

Dear Leo, with the holidays approaching you are likely to feel the draw of materialism like many do. If you haven’t been satisfied or haven’t felt emotionally secure with your job or income, you may be thinking a lot about how you can acquire more wealth and advance in your career. Considering a fresh enterprise or a new job to take you toward what you really want is quite possible for Leos this month. 

If you are a Leo that has felt financially deprived, limited and restricted in wealth for a long period, you could find that acquiring more things for yourself during the holidays can give you a greater sense of confidence. 

If your finances are quite healthy, you are likely to want to spend more on securities that will hold value longer term. Starting a collection of gold coins could give you a sense of greater financial strength for your future. A desire for luxury items and jewelry is likely to increase at this time for you as well. 

If you want to go to the next level in your finances, consider taking courses, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge with more research in business and economics.

However, there is the caution that becoming too obsessed with materialism and wealth could leave you feeling like a Scrooge or miser. Being too possessive with money and materialism could separate you from others. A healthy interest is good for you, just don’t take it to the extremes.

The Sun, your ruling luminary, is in Sagittarius for most of December indicating a positive social life will be in your best interest. When the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st for the Winter Solstice your focus will start to gear towards practical accomplishments and preparing yourself for the new year ahead. Creating a smart schedule with tangible goals is recommended for you as we enter 2020. Your big ideas should take priority, and a vision board would be helpful in developing your best ideas. 



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