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Libra September 2020 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Libra Friend,

If you have issues in relationships you’re going to have to bury the hatchet to bring emotional renewal. With this spread it is most important to look to the Sun for clarity as seen in the Lovers card. It is most likely that the conflicts you may have in your relationship are those of the mind. Disagreements could be petty and superficial, and could actually be based on assumptions. Here we see a lack of good communication and the importance of finding a compassionate standpoint. Seeing things as they truly are in your relationship can lead to an emotional shift and rebirth. You can put an end to the difficult aspects in your relationships, especially where there are communications problems, to make positive changes for the future. Putting away negative thinking and focusing on improving relationships from an emotional standpoint are recommended. Use your intuition and perceptions to look at what the good opportunities are available to you. If you are in a totally rotten relationship (and some people are), you might want to think about what it would be like to move forward in your life for your own emotional well being. 

Mercury enters Libra September 5, 2020 at 3:46 pm ET. Your state of mind is key for your perception of yourself and those around you. Put away negative thinking and biased disagreements and work on creating ways to communicate that improve your relationships with others. This will be a great month for you to focus on positive self talk and affirmations. 

Venus enters Leo September 6, 2020 3:21 am ET. A social life that is fun, loving and entertaining will be positively beneficial for you as we make our way through September. Connecting with people that bring you joy is well advised. 

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