Pisces TarotScope

AUGUST 2020 Pisces TarotScope

Dear Pisces, 

Life is always changing, and sometimes we really don’t know which way we are heading. If you’re going through a big change in your life now, and don’t know what’s next, you may be expecting difficulties. But the future is always changeable and most challenges that come your way can be juggled. Thinking about practical solutions in advance, before you head out on your journey can help, but sometimes being too cautious about future possibilities may only paralyze you from making progress in new directions. There is value in taking chances and going forward into the unknown to explore. This month gives you the opportunity to face fears. Doing so will help you grow truer to yourself. The courage to become someone new and different can seem like madness to some, but others welcome the adventure of a lifetime and the freedom it can bring. If you feel like someone or something is blocking you from being true to yourself, this is the time to make the right decisions for your life despite what any naysayers think. You can be more than you once were. It may not be simple, but it will be worth it.

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