Pisces TarotScope

December 2019 Pisces TarotScope

Dear Pisces, you are likely to have an empowering revelation this month and it could bring a paradigm shift to your reality. If you had to face challenging transitions, you will head toward a new, liberated frame of mind. 

As the holidays approach you may be journeying to visit people. To ensure a positive mindset remains, you are advised to practice gratitude for the good things you have. Be proud of your personal accomplishments regardless of any restrictive or judgmental opinions by others. Putting an end to old karmic patterns to create new karma for your life is recommended for you to rise to the next level. 

If you have experimented with mind altering substances such as alcohol or have been living on a heightened plane of existence or accessing a higher state of consciousness, you could find yourself appreciating a more grounded, earthier approach this month. 

Traditionalism and materialism is priority for many during the holidays. Perhaps with your more spiritual perspective your lifestyle is aligned with a different level of consciousness than some of those around you. Having a strong sense of your own beliefs and opinions about life can be good for you on a deep level, but not having to impress them on others that have different opinions than you, will help keep your relationships more positive. Holding back a flood of emotions when disagreements arise will help keep the peace.

You could learn valuable lessons from those with financial prosperity and experience to strengthen your sense of material security. 

Neptune recently stationed direct in Pisces encouraging a more spiritual lifestyle to demonstrate your higher values in your personal life. You could have a new perspective arise from the depths of your subconscious that triggers a change in your identity going forward.




  1. Everything mentioned in this months symbolic living read ring very true to me I very aware of what i need to achieve this month and in the new year ahead so I will try and stay on track and stay focused.

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