Pisces November 2020 TarotScope

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Pisces NOVEMBER 2020 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Pisces, 

You are likely to have wise ideas this month, but before chasing after them or promoting them to others, it is advised that you contemplate your feelings associated with your ideas. Know that there is a time for everything and you don’t have to rush. When someone presents you with information, rather than repeating what is said without question, sit with the information for a bit, and see if it really does resonate with you. Rather than accepting dogma just because someone in authority says so, the information worth sharing and forwarding should make logical sense and also truly feel right to you.

Neptune stations Direct in Pisces on November 28, 2020 at 7:37 pm ET. Personal changes of perspective and inner feelings are in focus for most of the month. Once Neptune stations Direct at the end of the month, you are going to want to move forward and express your wisdom more directly. Your internal world of self awareness and your beliefs will be prompted to come to the surface and shared more openly. Wisdom that arises deep within you will urge you to use it and bring it out into the world. 

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