Pisces TarotScope FEBRUARY 2021

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Pisces FEBRUARY 2021 Monthly TarotScope and Astrology Horoscope

Dear Pisces, 

Are you snipping the head off that flower so you can dive right into a better situation? It sure looks like that’s what you’re doing this month. This can be especially true in any situation where the type of communications and social interactions just aren’t cutting it for you anymore. It looks like you need to be more direct this month about what you want and where you’re heading so that you end up in a place of comfort and serenity. However, if you’re in a relationship it could seem like it’s your way or the highway will be the only thing that makes you happy. If you’re feeling particularly strong willed and demanding, perhaps you may want to try to be a little more kind and compassionate so that love can warm your heart and mutual happiness is realized.

Your February 2021 Horoscope Pisces: Rethinking your spiritual perspective on reality and what you believe is indicated this month. A vision of the future based on love and compassion can pull at your heartstrings. A stronger desire to speak your truth and stand your ground is indicated mid-month, but remember when Mercury is Retrograde perspectives can change a lot. It can be better to gather more information before forming opinions. Communications can become a big deal in the middle of the month so be extra careful with your words. The Sun and Venus enter your sign later this month bringing the potential for light and love to grow in your life. Prioritizing self love and self worth can make you glow. Big, philosophical ideas about the meaning of life and the future can wake up your social life. Talks with family and those close-like-family can set you on a new vision for your destiny.

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